Quick Update

Driving like an ambulance driver…

  • Monday, up at 6:30, made breakfast and a packed lunch, dropped Mia and Francis at school, gym, house cleaning day, filet bearnaise and Guinness with Werner at Hussar Grill to celebrate 100k opt-outs.
  • Tuesday, 6:00 walk with JM up the Coetzenburg mountain, AfrikaBurn planning meetup at Gino’s, beer at De Akker, conveyer belt sushi at CTFM.
  • Wednesday, morning podcast walk to Lazerac, AfrikaBurn shopping with Werner.
  • Thursday, email gardening, AfrikaBurn group meeting at Gino’s, a beer with Alex.
  • Friday, morning podcast walk to Lazerac, Gust meeting, lunch with Ernst, wine tour.. Glenelly, Rustenberg and Simonsig, nap, rushed Mia to the emergency ward and took her home an hour later.
  • Now I know what it feels like to be an ambulance driver.
  • Saturday, chemist, gym, got Mia a late 6th birthday present: LeapFrog LeapPad, lunch with the family, Mia and I had pizza at Panarotti’s.
  • Naulene managed to have both her phones offline on Saturday morning and lose her house keys – locked in the house without a way to contact anybody. Haha.
  • Sunday, watched Smurfs, gym, shoe shopping with Mia.. she wanted winter boots, family lunch at The Long Table, Haskell Vineyards, bumped into Georg at Mooiberge, dropped most of the family off at home, photo processing, bath, read, sleep.
  • The LeapPad is a hit – getting way more attention than the iPad. It’s a nice toy – but it sucks battery power and it seems to fill up pretty quickly if you shoot video.
  • If you play with things like Gust all week you have to grin when somebody brings a credit card machine to your table.
  • 145k opt-outs now.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.