Notes from AfrikaBurn 2012

This year was my first visit to AfrikaBurn. I’m pretty sure I’d like to go again next year.

“For those that have been no explanation is necessary, for those that haven’t none is possible.” — Devin Ross Herd

So, this is not a blog post about the event, it’s just a few random notes.

  • AfrikaBurn is what happens when you open source the party. Nobody is working on somebody else’s dream.
  • “Welcome home.” – the sign you see when you arrive.
  • “Enjoy your life.” — somebody wrote this on the Solace artwork. Have more adventures.
  • As for photography – it’s heaven and it’s a bit overwhelming. You’ve never seen so many L-series lenses at one event.

2 thoughts on “Notes from AfrikaBurn 2012

  1. Come on Joe! Tell me more dude. Or will it have to wait to be told over a couple of beers?

    1. Sure, happy to tell you more over a beer.

      I figure there are so many things happening all over the place that nobody has the same experience.. 5000 different routes through the place.

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