Quick Update

Star Wars and playing single dad..

  • Monday, family lunch at Glen Carlou, watched UP with Mia.
  • Tuesday, public holiday, Mia watched UP while I sorted out some camping equipment, family outing to Cape Town, gym, swim, Deer Park, Jimmy the Fish with Mia, UP.
  • Winter. Drinking lots of tea. For some reason Mia still wants her rooibos tea in a bottle.
  • Wednesday, dropped Mia at school, gym, fetched Mia, got some duct tape and fixed my tent, we watched Eight Below.. and we both had a bit of a cry, walked to Wijnhuis for pasta.. the food and service was not great but I enjoyed dining with Mia.
  • Thursday, dropped Mia at school, gym, Gust meeting, fetched Mia, pizza at Gino’s.
  • The next round of Gust dev has officially started.. expect a Beta around mid June.
  • Friday, Mia was not feeling well so we skipped school, worked at home, Mia watched UP, office, calamari, red velvet cupcake at Nook, found a new home for my offsite backup disk, lemon meringue with Petr, Piet and Parri, Mia made an artwork with duct tape and cable ties, we watched Star Wars episode 4 – May the 4th is a good day to watch the first episode for the first time.
  • Seems I need about 3500 Vitality points to get to Diamond status.
  • After watching UP a few times Mia made me a Book of Adventures with 14 countries I’ve visited (13 actually, she added a page for AfrikaBurn).
  • Saturday, tea, Star Wars episode 4, Cape Town, gym, swim, Deer Park with Sarah, a beer at Carlyle’s with Georg while Mia played at Sarah’s house, we watched Star Wars episode 5.
  • Sunday, tea, we watched Star Wars episode 6, Blaauklippen market, a Guinness at Erinvale, Naulene fetched Mia, Andrew visit.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.