Stellenbosch POI Challenge

We’re giving a few #hackstb people double tickets to a music event at the end of July in Stellenbosch.

As announced at the last event, we want to crowd source points of interest in Stellenbosch for the next version of our AR app.

Tell me more?
This is a Twitter based challenge where you get to suggest your favourite points of interest in Stellenbosch, with GPS co-ordinates. You can suggest more than one POI per category. We want the real gems around town – so think of your favourite places please.


  1. Dining
  2. Bar
  3. Culture
  4. Nature
  5. History

@stbpoi [GPS CO-ORDINATE (dd.dd,dd.dd)] , [Category], [Name of location]
@stbpoi (-33.939564,18.85586), Bar, The Trumpet Tree Social Café

If you send your favourite place in at least two of the categories with GPS coordinates you win two tickets to the Grim Furdango (Mxit+Gust) music event at Klein Libertas Theatre at the end of July. Simple. We only have 80 tickets (40*2) to give away, so we will work on a first-tweet, first-win bases.

Come to the next #hackstb event (13 June) to collect your prize.

What about the data?
If you participate in this competition and you wish to have access to the gathered information we’re happy to share.