Quick Update

Gust pre-Beta…

  • Monday, tea and grapefruit, dropped Mia at school, gym, events meeting.. we now have a name for the event: Grim Furdango, announced the STBPOI challenge, we started working on Gust for Android.
  • I think I’ve got enough points to be Vitality Diamond status now.
  • Tuesday, Gust testing, dinner at Rust & Vrede with Jan, Alex, Pieter, Carel and Storm… Kevin Arnold Shiraz 2006, Rustenberg John X Merriman 2007, Tokara Director’s Reserve Red 2007, awesome dinner.
  • Wednesday, randomly drove past Andrew and Georg on the N2, meeting at 22Seven, lunch with Georg in Kloof Street, got an iPhone 4s 32G, Mia visit.
  • Maybe the secret is simply to be fanatical about product design and quality.
  • I now have three laptop chargers for one laptop.. upstairs, downstairs and office.
  • Thursday, Gust Beta2 Demo day, Mxit Thursdays at Gino’s and Trumpet Tree with Georg.
  • “Step1: build mobile app. Step2: Step3: Profit.” — Dirk

  • “Form is essentially orthogonal to substance.” — Gino’s talk

  • Thought for the week: there is more to progress than attention and interruption.
  • Friday, Gust meeting, a beer with Werner at Trumpet Tree, tinkered with my new Kindle and started reading The Intention Economy.
  • Saturday, fetched the family, finally got my car back, breakfast at the Waldorf market (a bit lame), Mia and I went shopping, watched Clone Wars, watched the rugby at the bar across from Java (?) with Werner.
  • Sunday, up early, tea, started writing a business plan (light) while the kids watched UP, Blaauwklippen market with the family, Andrew, Paul and Victoria, nap, sunset walk, slept like a baby.
  • Naulene has created a monster. Mia now has her own wallet and is a very keen shopper – spending her birthday money at weekend markets. I’ll have to show her Gust soon.
  • iPhone 4S comments: Camera is pretty good, probably better than one of my two compact cameras, but the HDR feature is lame. Battery life is not as bad as I was expecting. Still think the old Nokia’s phone features and note taking is better. I’m probably the worst kind of iPhone user, I pretty much switch everything off and install the minimum apps.. no desire to try Siri or iCloud.

Have a fun week, iPhone kids.