Quick Update

Wacky wine weekend…

  • Monday, morning podcast walk to Lazerac, watched SA vs Ireland junior rugby champs at Coetzenburg with Georg, watched The Rum Diary.. very good.
  • “It’s like keying your own car.” — Georg, about South Africans supporting NZ.

  • Tuesday, morning walk to Lanzerac, rainy day inbox scrubbing.
  • Wednesday, a quick and rainy morning walk, new Gust pre-Beta site, burger at Cognito with Werner and Janette.
  • Thursday, rainy day, stayed in bed till about 14:00 – working in bed, Mxit Thursdays at Casbah.
  • We now have a Grim Furdango logo.
  • Friday, Gust meeting, watched Prometheus.. I enjoyed it, drove to Montagu with the family for Wacky Wine weekend and stayed at Avalon Springs.
  • Saturday, tasted the 6 Chardonnays of De Wetshof, Graham Beck, proposed to Naulene, hot springs swimming.
  • Sunday, Springfield, lunch at Van Loveren, hot springs swimming.
  • 1009 FB friends this week.
  • To put this engagement in context.. Saturday was exactly 8 years after I took the first photo of Naulene, 1 year after we got back together and almost 2 years after our high court custody battles of 2010.
  • GSM data outside the metro areas sucks. “EDGE” at Wacky Wine was useless.
  • I suspect the next six weeks are going to speed up and get bumpy. Lots of Gust work to be done.

Have a crazy week, fun kids.