Quick Update

Gust goes Beta…

  • Six weeks after the Alpha we have a Gust Beta!
  • Monday, woke up in Montagu, drove back to Stellenbosch.
  • The Future Economy.
  • Tuesday, a beer with Conrad at Trumet Tree.
  • Wednesday, Gust video meeting, butternut soup at 22Seven’s office, installed the first Gust merchant in Cape Town with Sarah, 3rd #hackstb meetup, a beer at Trumpet Tree.
  • Installing Gust in Cape Town made me think of the early Frogfoot days, installing leased lines at client offices, meeting interesting people. Nice to have a product which people want.
  • Thursday, morning walk, Gust Beta demo, a walk around Stellenbosch and a beer at Gino’s.
  • When you install Gust for the first time, and it’s not immediately obvious, notice how the name, payment gesture, logo and a sound effect are all related.
  • I figure the ideas around moving money are pretty simple – to change the culture of spending cash is an interesting challenge.
  • Phase1: NDA, Phase2: Phase3: Profit.
  • — for Dirk.

  • 600+ Twitter followers this week, gaining on my 1010 FB friends.
  • Friday, Mia was sick so I stayed at home with her and we went to watch Madagascar 3.. good movie, installed a Gust upgrade at Mill House, Star Wars Lego shopping, watched Return of the Jedi with roast chicken burgers, a quick emergency ward visit.. turns out Mia had a bladder infection.
  • Naulene thinks I’m a workaholic.. something about thinking about work more than 80% of the time.
  • I’ve been using Pocket – pretty cool. Helps cut down the browser tab backlog.
  • Saturday, tea, Star Wars E6, gym, watched the rugby at Gino’s with Mia, Werner, Janette, Georg and Ches.. while Naulene’s friends threw a surprise engagement party for her, desert at Wakaberry.
  • Where do people find the time to watch TV?
  • Sunday, Mia work up and said: “Happy Father’s Day daddy.”, watched The Empire Strikes Back, photo processing, nap, burger at 5 Reyneveld with Mia, ice cream.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.