Quick Update

Thee dudes on a bit of an adventure – to a land with an AK47 on their flag, where kids sell rum on the side of the road, with killer mosquitos and legions of corrupt traffic cops… but, it’s a nice place if you like scuba diving.

  • This post is a bit late – it’s for the week of 13-19 August.
  • Monday, woke up in Mozambique, morning beach walk, nap, afternoon drive to Inhambane for some shopping at the market.
  • Tuesday, scuba diving Buddies reef 15m, 50min dive, saw a big octopus and a few humpback whales on the way back.
  • Wednesday, up at 5:30, boat fishing got cancelled, Tofo visit, saw humpback whales and dolphins on a sea safari boat ride, fresh Barracuda for supper.
  • Thursday, up at 5:30 again, 7 hours out at sea, Anton caught a Yellowfin Tuna – without which we would probably not have been able to go home, saw a whale shark and flying fish, nap, Tuna braai.
  • “When last did you do something for the first time?”

  • Finished reading ReWork.. good read.
  • Friday, Scuba dived Office reef – awesome dive, 14km boat ride, 25m deep, kicked a rugby ball around the beach, fish curry for supper in Tofo.
  • Saturday, up at 6:00, dived Creche reef with Anton, shallow, but not bad, 300km road trip to Xai Xai.
  • “If the Malaria does not kill you The Kernel will.” — Anton, about KFC

  • Sunday, 800km road trip to Joburg, burger at Dukes in Greenside with Ernst and Lisa, Anton had to break a window to get us back into his house.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.