Quick Update

The week of 24-30 September…

  • Monday, tea, Mia spent about 30min configuring an XBox avatar for herself, breakfast at the Botanical Garden, dropped the girls off with Naulene at Asara, drove up Sir Lowry’s Pass to go do the Gantouw Pass hike (-34.139142,18.940172) – seemed like a good idea to go find some wagon tracks on Heritage Day, braai at Andrew’s with Marcia.
  • Tuesday, up at 6:30, sysadmin day, email migrations and moved my older photos, a walk around Stellenbosch, more server tinkering.
  • Today I retire a Debian workstation that has served me for 15 years – evolved through hardware upgrades but never needed a re-install.
  • Wednesday, morning podcast walk, hacked Dovecot and Mutt to play nicely together – my new email setup.
  • iOS6 upgardes.
  • “A rat always knows when he’s in with weasels.” – Tom Waits

  • Thursday, rainy day at the office, Gino’s with the office crew. A moment of clarity.
  • “And so the end begins, As thunder rumbles in, Odds are stacked against us, Fat chances now seem slim.” — Morcheeba

  • Friday, fetched my Mac Mini server at Frogfoot’s office, haircut at Bianca’s while having my car washed, gym, 27 Dinner at Frieda’s on Bree with Georg, Naulene’s house.
  • “Finish the game.”

  • Saturday, shopping with Mia and Francis, afternoon nap, watched SA vs Aus at Morituri while Mia and Francis played in the play area.
  • Sunday, watched Mega Mind, lunch at Thai Cafe / Colcaccio with the family, nap, watched Blades of Glory, fetched Andrew from the airport at 23:30.
  • “The night is a very dark time for me.” — Chazz Michael Michaels

  • “Maxim Magazine, last issue: “Chazz Michael Michaels IS figure skating!” BOOM!”

Have a fun week, crazy kids.