Quick Update

Up to date again…

  • Monday, dropped Mia at school, gym, work, cooked some pre-fab lasagne for the family, re-installed my blog.
  • Tuesday, podcast walk, new Grim Furdango site, a beer at Trumpet Tree with Werner, Parri and Henk.
  • “The Eye of Sauron” — Nico, about a logo.

  • Wednesday, up early, report writing, podcast walk, a walk with Alan around Stellenbosch, I demo’d Gust Finder at #HackSTB, a beer at Gino’s.
  • “We share reality. We work to better ourselves.” — Alex

  • Thursday, Gust Demo Day, BlackBerry OS5 and OS7 devices can now make payments, new Gust POS features, new Android NFC apps, Mxit announced a new CEO to the staff, Mxit Thursdays at Gino’s with the family.
  • “I, for one, welcome our new Insect Overlords”
  • Friday, Gust Finder was published in the iTunes App Store, fetched all the children, bath, read, sleep.
  • Saturday, family day, Trumpet with Al.
  • Sunday, Bo with Paul.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.