Quick Update

Got un-engaged…

  • Monday, sunset jog, steamed some broccoli (bringing out the big guns).
  • Remember, remember, the fifth of November.
  • Tuesday, Lientjie’s bday party at Trumpet Tree with Paul, Parri and Werner, Bo with Paul.
  • “Not saying she is ugly…just saying she would make someone a great best friend.” – Pete

  • Wednesday, made an omelette, launched the new Gust website with the new video for our events product, paid for a movie ticket with Gust, watched Cloud Atlas, pretty good – never really liked Tom Hanks movies, but this was interesting, press release writing.
  • New Gust site.
  • New video.
  • “The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends.” — Anton Ego, Ratatouille

  • Thursday, PR day, sunset walk, watched Castle in the Sky, pretty good.
  • Gust PR: BandwidthBlog, VentureBurn, Gadget Maven, HumanIPO.
  • “We’re always in the office. The whole Stellenbosch is our office.” – Werner

  • Friday, morning walk, internet was down, Brampton Wine bar with Werner, missed a babysitting arrangement, x marks the spot, watched Oldboy again.
  • Office internet went down. As a direct result: I managed to get un-engaged on Saturday morning, via text message.
  • Saturday, Bilton Wines with Georg and Ches, lunch at The Long Table with Andrew, Rust en Vrede, Peter Falke Wines, rugby at Brazen Head.
  • “May your limits be unknown – and may your efforts be your own.” — The Killers

  • Sunday, a day with Paul and Al. (Groovy Troopers)
  • Tune of the week: Florence And The Machine – Dog Days Are Over.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.