Quick Update

Last week in the Mxit office…

  • “Get on with it. Enjoy the now.”

  • Monday, sunset walk, supper at Thai Cafe.
  • Last dev before the end of the year: We built Gust Finder for Android, new Gust Pay, new Gust PayPoint, PayPoint Dashboard and a few new APIs.
  • “Cut before you measure.”

  • Tuesday, morning walk, packed up most of the office, a beer at Trumpet with Parri, Werner and Janette’s house warming braai.
  • Wednesday, morning walk, got some AfrikaBurn tickets, a swim at Andrew’s, boat drinks at the Gordon’s Bay Yacht Club with Emma and Andrew.
  • Thursday, press release writing, Mxit’s end of year lunch at Gino’s, nap, good wine and steak with Paul at Hussar grill.
  • Friday, last day in the Mxit office, afternoon walk, fetched Mia.
  • PR for the week: Gust PayPoint: No more clunky cash registers, Gust Pay introduces its iPad based point of sale solution.
  • The baker is back. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Desensitised deja vu.
  • Saturday, brunch at Basic with Mia, we watched Rise of the Guardians – pretty good, Mia clothes shopping, nap, kicked a ball around Coenzenburg, 11h sleep.
  • Buying children’s clothes by age seems a bit unpredictable – I currently buy things between 8yo and 11yo for a 6yo.
  • Sunday, Mia watched The Cat Returns – while I created order around the house, nap, built the Playmobil Knight’s Castle with Mia, food shopping, supper and a sunset play area visit at La Pineta, bath, read, sleep.

Have a fun holiday, crazy kids.