Quick Update

LIFO buffer…

  • Week of 18-24 Feb.
  • Monday, gym, first day in the new Gust office, teacher meeting, fetched Mia from swimming, Mia went to Judo, watched a bit of Stardust, server issues to fix, bath, read, sleep.
  • Passed 1100 Facebook friends. 770 Twitter followers.
  • Tuesday, school run, gym, meeting with Luke, lunch with Dirk, tried the new Stellenbosch Ocean Basket with Mia – all kinds of average, Wakaberry, ice cream and a walk around Stellenbosch with Mia, watched Stardust, bath, read, sleep.
  • Still no good value for money fish restaurant around Stellenbosch.
  • I realised this week that my sysadmin skills are getting a bit dated. Not too clued up with Grub, GPT partitions and remotely hosted 64bit machines.
  • Mia’s favourite scene from Stardust is definitely the one in Cpt Shakespeare’s dressing room… Twinkle Toes Shakespeare
  • Wednesday, school run, gym, day at the office, got a new internet link set up (old one got moved by Telkom), bought Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (on Steam) for Mia and installed it on a laptop for her – pretty good for early readers imho, Mia went to Judo.
  • Let me just say I’m a bit annoyed with the universe that I could not have started playing adventure games at age six.
  • Thursday, car service day, school run, gym, meetings, haircut at Lize’s, first braai at the new office with Ben, Werner, Janette and Mia, bath, read, sleep.
  • Friday, school run, gym, other gym, meetings and Gust demo at Simply Asia, kids party in Erinvale, fetched Mia, a glass of wine at Brampton Wine Bar with the team.
  • Gonna have to up my game with these kids parties at Erinvale.
  • Saturday, Mia woke up and started playing Fate of Atlantis, omelette and french toast at Basic Bistro, Naulene fetched Mia, a day of demon feeding – all those things that don’t really result in any progress: backups, laundry, catching up on news, Fleetwood Mac, Chardonnay, early supper with Paul at Apres, ice cream, Aandklas, Bo, Mystic – watched The Kiffness play.
  • Sunday, Alien Safari at Coolbay with Paul and Al – great fun, as always.
  • “Did you load the Groovinator?” — Paul, about Groove Armada – Groove Is On.

  • I lost my red Pacha cap from Sharm el-Sheikh – good way to go I guess.
  • “There was definitely more than one hot girl at that party.” — Paul

  • “It never stops.” — Paul, about the summer season.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.