Quick Update

Five live music events in one weekend…

  • 25 Feb – 3 Mar.
  • Monday, woke up at Al’s house, Paul made us breakfast, a walk around Stellenbosch with Alan, lunch at TasteBud, Gust dev planning session, went hunting for boxes and packaging tap, photo processing, a sunset walk around Stellenbosch.
  • 87Kg now. Missed two gym days this week.
  • Tuesday, got up at 4:45, packed up my whole house in under 5 hours, moved to a new place, Woordfees activation on the Rooiplein, ice cream, watched Horrible Bosses – very entertaining.
  • Moved a bit closed to work and a bit further from gym – at least it’s a nice walk through De Wet Square.
  • Wednesday, could. not. get. up. went to work at 9:00ish, venue network scouting for Woordfees with Werner, Neetlingshof and De Vette Mossel, Street Soiree, supper (R59 good quality ribs) at Apres with Nicola and friends.
  • Don’t get up at 4:45 and move your whole house by 13:00. Bad idea.
  • Living out of boxes and not finding the time to unpack. Not ideal.
  • I think I may be falling in love with Stellenbosch again. I might have to start dating again.
  • Thursday, morning walk around Stellenbosch, map app meeting with Jan, Alex and Nico at Hazz, running around looking for 3G routers and opening up houses for inspections and cleaners, AfrikaBurn stretch tent shopping, long afternoon meeting about our payment switch costs, gym, some creative writing for an AfrikaBurn theme camp submission involving bowler hats, croquet and Campari.
  • Friday, gym, Woordfees prep, 3G router setup at Neetlingshof, put Mia to bed, a bottle or two of good red wine (Meerlust etc.) with Georg and Parri.
  • Mia tells me she’s the only one in her class which has a morning reading buddy. All those Olivia books were worth it.
  • Saturday, Mill House smoothie, installed Gust at De Vette Mossel (Woordfees), Weskus snoek for lunch, Mia’s school Fun Day, Mia’s first SCUBA dive (in the pool), Gust setup at Neetlingshof, Arno Carstens show – very good, 3G sucked so we switched to fixed wireless from Snowball, packed up the Gust equipment at De Vette Mossel while watching Spoegwolf.
  • “Maybe hou sy nie daarvan om tussen die lyne te hardloop nie?” — Johannes, about Mia not enjoying athletics, but loving running around on the lawns at Neetlingshof.

  • Sunday, I made smoked ham and tomato omelettes, Mia and I made good progress with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Root44 market with Mia and Francis – bungy cord trampoline jumps, ice cream, Goldfish at Kirstenbosch with Mia, Francis, Cath and Sarah, watched Elvis Blue at Neetlingshof with Werner, got home with 0 electricity – hate those pre-paid meters.
  • Secret to a fluffy omelette: beat the egg whites separately and fold into the yellow.
  • Goldfish at Kirstenbosch is true Cape Town magic.
  • Listening to the Life Aquatic soundtrack all week in the car.
  • Tune of the week: Queen Bitch, David Bowie.

Have a crazy week, fun kids.