Quick Update

Long week, 16 Woordfees shows in total…

  • Mia week. Mia is now living one week with Naulene, one week with me.
  • Monday, up at 6:30, got Mia and Francis ready for school, school run, dropped Francis with Naulene, gym, Telkom ADSL install it my new house (only 2Mbps – bad copper I guess), Mia went to Judo, supper at De Vette Mossel, Mia bday party planning. She wants a cake that says “Vader Sucks”.
  • “A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal’s a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade!” — Aliens

  • We now have an official AfrikaBurn theme camp registered: “The Son of Man”.
  • “Ideas are free. Execution and attitude counts.” — Rafiq

  • Tuesday, smoked ham scrambled eggs, school run, cardio (Twitter catch-up) at Waterstone, gym with Werner in Stellenbosch, fetched the Death Star, walked Mia at Petr’s house, Francois van Coke at De Vette Mossel with Dirk and Luke.
  • I think my information breakfast needs to be trimmed down.
  • Wednesday, green smoothie, cardio at Waterstone, Mia went to Judo, made supper for Mia, took a few photos at Fokofpolisiekar’s 10 year celebration concert at Neetlingshof.
  • Why you need to do more than just making money… Because more than you need to makes it personal.
  • “Pleasure is the awareness of being alive. Depression is building something meaningless.” — via Alan

  • Thursday, Mia got up early and was dressed before the alarm went off, music appreciation school run: Miles Davis, she liked Sketches of Spain, but none of the other stuff, some blogging and photo processing at Waterstone VA, gym in Stellenbosch, made supper for Mia, Gert Vlok Nel and Storievuur at De Vette Mossel.
  • GustPay was featured on Tech Report, eNCA News (DSTV 403).
  • Paul now has a Moon Boot – scars from Alien Safari.
  • “Work like a captain, play like a pirate.”

  • “Once in the recording studio, the players were typically given only a few instructions: a tempo count, a few chords or a hint of melody, and suggestions as to mood or tone. Davis liked to work this way; he thought it forced musicians to pay close attention to one another, to their own performances, or to Davis’s cues, which could change at any moment.” — about Bitches Brew

  • A bit annoyed that I had to go to three shops to find clear recycling bags – in this day and age. Really Stellenbosch?
  • Two photos of Mia in the school newsletter this week.
  • Friday, green smoothie, early school run for Mia’s reading buddy time, music appreciation: Moloko – The Time is Now, cardio at Waterstone, gym with Werner in Stellenbosch, rainy day eggs Bennedict, calamari at Wijnhuis, Brampton Wine Studio, Gazelle at De Vette Mossel – good show.
  • Sorry pappa ek moes die plaas verlaat want ek mis die disco ligte.

  • Kinda weird ordering a drink from the bar and the process works exactly like you dreamed up six months ago, smartphones and wifi. Rad.
  • Saturday, sometimes you just need a seven egg omelette, Love and Light with Paul and his moonboot (at 2pm). Adventures of Solo and Chewie.
  • “Vanilla essence” inside joke.

  • “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” — Dr. Seuss

  • Sunday, woke up in Pearl Valley Golf Estate, flat tyre on the N1, last Woordfees show, Jolly Roger (ex-De Kaggel), Bo and Mystic with Paul and Wilbur.
  • Feels like I need a holiday from music events.
  • “Had to go return some video tapes”, “feed me a stray cat”.

  • “And then I got my 27th wind…” — Paul

  • Feel like I should be adding a lot of Facebook friends after this weekend.
  • “She had to go home, to build her spaceship, to go home.” — about the Spoc girl

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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