Quick Update

Mia turns 7…

  • Monday, up at 5:00, gym, office, UK Skype meeting, moar house unpacking.
  • Gust on Tech Report
  • Tuesday, a walk up the Eerste Rivier, green smoothie, set up a new bank account for Gust with new co docs, some ARBurn 2.0 planning at Brampton with Jan and Werner, ribs with Werner at Apres, gelato.
  • Pressure innovation: 4th time in 2 years, when you find yourself in a space where you need to figure out something new and interesting very quickly.
  • Wednesday, walked to Lanzerac, haircut at Lize’s, AfrikaBurn planning meeting #2 at Brampton Wine Studio, the last Street Soiree for a while with Paul, Gust’s 1st birthday braai and office warming – Janette baked a (colour layer) Gust cake.
  • Thursday, office, Easter Weekend begins, watched Safe House – interesting Cape Town scenes, sunset walk around Stellenbosch, watched Entourage Season 2.
  • Friday, grapefruit, Earl Grey and Fleetwood Mac, Georg came to visit from Durban, eggs Benedict with at Apprentice with Georg (not that good), a beer at Jan Kats, Entourage, ribs at Apres (seems you can swap the chips for veg), Naulene dropped Mia at my house at 19:30 after we agreed she would come to my house at 15:00 – brain hurt, put Mia to bed with some reading, watched As Good As It Gets again – brilliant as always.
  • I asked Mia on Friday if she wanted to open her birthday present (more time to build it), but she only wanted to open it on Sunday.
  • Finally hooked up the Mac Mini to the Hifi, good music again.
  • Next time I move I’m taking three days off to unpack. This 1/2 unpacked state is not good for me.
  • Saturday, watched Hawl’s Moving Castle, tea, grapefruit, omelettes, shopping – got Mia hockey shin pads, gum guard and a training ball, Siena’s 7th birthday party, watch the Cheetah’s game with the other parents, we watched parts of How to Train Your Dragon – mostly to explain what Subwoofers do, bath, read, sleep.
  • “..and where is your lovely wife?” — those mildly uncomfortable questions at children’s parties.

  • Mia asked about getting movies to play on the TV/Hifi, so I drew her a diagram. I suspect she now gets what most people buying expensive home entertainment systems don’t get.
  • Sunday, Mia’s 7th birthday, Anton phoned, Mia opened her present: the Lego Death Star – she loved it, Easter eggs, tea with vanilla milk while watching Castle in the Sky, Naulene fetched Mia.. an hour late.. and then dropped her off again 1.5 hours late, lunch at Deer Park with Mia and Francis, big and little Beta Beach with Mia, Francis and Georg, drove back explaining freedom of speech to Mia with an example about crayfish quotas, bath, read, Francis sleep-over, last bit of Entourage S2
  • I think we all miss Bakoven.
  • Spray plaster: ultimate cure for a few light scrapes.
  • More than an hour late three times in three days. Pro tip, kids: when you reproduce, find somebody that has some respect for other people’s time.
  • “Control is a funny thing, you don’t realise how little of it you have until you have nothing at all.” — Entourage

Have a fun week, crazy kids.