Quick Update

Chess week…

  • Monday, gym, haircut, sunset walk.
  • Not at Burning Man this year, maybe next year…
  • A week without coffee. I’m starting to like red lattes.
  • Gust passed 1000 FB page likes.
  • Tuesday, gym, PayLine meeting at Blue Crane and KLT, we added a barcode PDF feature to the Gust ticketing system for a cycle race, ribs at Apres.
  • Buy tickets to the Eikestad Heritage Pedal (our new ticket sales platform).
  • Wednesday, up at 4:30 to battle my inbox, rainy Cape Town day, U-start meeting at the Bandwidth Barn, Quirk meeting, post office visit, Wembley Square, picked up a Brainstorm magazine at the Gardens Centre – haven’t been there in a while, hot chocolate with David at Truth, interesting phone call, Founders Club meeting at Beerhouse in Long Street.
  • We’re in the September issue of Brainstorm magazine.
  • Thursday, hard rain, snooze, snooze, gym, weekly dev meeting at Blue Crane, gave a talk about Gust at the Cape Town Product Management group meeting in Cape Town – nice event, thought of a few things I should have added to my talk while listening to Andy’s talk – funny, I never really think of myself as a product owner / product manager much, but I guess it’s a fairly big part of what keeps me busy.
  • Friday, negotiations day, Brampton with Jan and Werner.
  • Exit 4?
  • Feel like I need to write a book about this crazy year.
  • “See you in Rio.” — Werner about payment systems.

  • Gust QA and testing is getting pretty involved now.
  • Saturday, vanilla tea with vanilla milk, breakfast at Basic, we watched The Incredibles, got a chess set and started teaching Mia how to play, nap, watched the rugby at Wijnhuis, Springbok steak at 5 Reyneveld, played some Rummikub with Georg and Mia, watched Now You See Me – not bad.
  • “Luck favours the prepared.” –Edna Mole

  • Sunday, oxtail at Barique with Georg and Mia, nap, sunset walk around Stellenbosch, played two games of chess against Mia while cooking supper, watched The Big Lebowski.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.