Quick Update

Spring… well, that was a long winter.

  • Monday, school run, gym, Blue Crane with Carinus and Ben, Mia scored one of her team’s two goals in a soccer match, sunset walk around Stellenbosch to ponder Exit 4 while Mia went to Judo, Dirk fetched an ADSL modem (and proved his ninja skills at keeping secrets), made supper for Mia (not vegetables for a change), bath time, Mia read me a book, I read her a book.
  • I asked Mia if she’s okay with me moving to Cape Town again and she seems happy with that idea.
  • Tuesday, school run listening to The Killers (help me get down), slight change of plan, gym, burger at Apres with Werner and Luke, washed Mia’s hair.
  • Wednesday, Cape Town day, Wembley Square meeting about the Daisies 2013 app, fetched a new NFC scanner from the post office, Pricecheck meeting, Mia went to Judo – which she wants to trade for swimming in summer, burger and a game of chess with Mia at Apres, gelato, reading – mostly books about space.
  • A day on Mars is 41 minutes longer.
  • Some days I think tech startups are bit like chess boxing.
  • Formidable. Charismatic. Train wrecks.
  • Mia is now 134cm, 32.7kg. Size 2 shoe.
  • Looks like Naulene wants to write a book.
  • Seems Mia’s sports programme changed to cricket and soccer this week. I managed to not miss one of her hockey games this season (as far as I know).
  • Thursday, up at 5:00, school run, forgot my laptop at home and actually had to do cardio at the Waterstone gym, gym in Stellenbosch, Blue Crane dev meeting, IS meeting in Cape Town, Rhodes Memorial with Werner… nice views, Mia got a lift with Maia and we watched a Richard Stallman talk at UCT, lots of familiar faces, I guess it’s been about 10 years since I last saw him speak (same venue).
  • 10 Paradoxical Traits Of Creative People.
  • Friday, school run, gym – abs day, red latte at Melissa’s with Natie, tinkered with our new NFC scanner, Brampton, watched Kick Ass 2 – good movie.
  • So very tired of weekend markets.
  • Saturday, omelette, watched a good rugby game at Wijnhuis, 5 hour nap, rugby at Jan Kats, watched The Other Guys again – great movie.
  • Some people are special, they phone you, you say “wrong number” and then they phone you another two times – from a cellphone, probably hitting redial. WTF? – While I’m ranting, can somebody please tell the car guards in this country that some cars have parking sensors and they are not helping by standing right behind the car.
  • Dis die goed wat ons voer wat ons wil op vreet.” via Georg.
  • “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.” — Leonard Bernstein

  • Sunday, up at 6:00, working day, sunset walk, watched Elysium – I enjoyed it, played with a dev build of the Daisies 2013 app – looking good, tested the new Gust Pay for Android with GBP support.
  • Werner has a personal homepage (blog) now. I miss the days when all the interesting geeks built quirky personal homepages. My personal home page is rather outdated.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.