Quick Update

This is my 800th blog post…

  • Monday, tea at Blue Crane with Naulene, Gust PayPoint upgrade day around Stellenbosch, payments are about 100% quicker now… Simply Asia, Mill House, Blue Crane, Brampton, squash vs Werner.
  • We’re busy building the official Rocking the Daisies 2013 mobile app… it’s looking good.
  • I get the feeling I’ll need to start coding again to teach Mia. Could be fun. Need to make the time.
  • Tuesday, gym, crazy day with a million context switches, gym, UK customer going live, RTD app testing, Gust Pay for Android testing, FB RTD tickets competition, payment latency debugging, TrustFabric updates, lunch at Schoon de Companje… not bad, bank visit, a beer at Apres with Werner.
  • Wednesday, Cape Town day, Nedbank meeting, tea with Dan at Suprette, Peach Payments meeting, meeting at Raith’s in Constantia, drove back to Stellenbosch along the coastal road, meeting at Brampton with Bill, Jan and Werner.
  • Gust passed 1500 Facebook page likes.
  • Thursday, gym, Blue Crane, Mia played in her firsts chess competition and won 1 of 2 games, parent – teacher interview, took a walk down Kloof st, replaced my favourite hoodie that was lost towards the end of 2011, got some mint shampoo, Beerhouse with Paul, dinner at Nicola’s house… cute kids, very nice bottle of Moreson Salitaire MCC.
  • Friday, gym, green smoothie, lunch at Jan Kats, after work drinks at Brampton – paid with Bitcoin again, watched Unthinkable.
  • Our UK customer installed Gust at their first bar.
  • We updated our Gust intro video, the previous version had just over 1000 views.
  • Still no coffee.
  • Saturday, fetched Mia, watched the rugby at Wijnhuis, gelato, watched Star Wars ep VI with Mia, nap, watched more rugby at Jan Kats, braai at Dirk’s house.
  • Sunday, rainy day, tea, green smoothie, we watched Clone Wars Season 1, tea and pancakes with Dirk at Limnos Bakery, fetched an iPad and phone from Paul’s house, Mia and I followed our noses and ended up having Oxtail for Sunday lunch at L’auberge Du Paysan… nice little place, a game of chess, more Clone Wars, watched Mia’s 2012 xmas concert DVD, sunset walk around Stellenbosch, Mia read me a book after bath time, backups and photo processing.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Wow, super duper congrats on the 800th post, that’s really awesome!!

    (I’m only at 453 at cpbotha.net, with a total word count of 115364. Just installed the Word Stats plugin to get MOAR STATS.)

  2. Udemy is pretty cool if you want Mia to mess around with some free tuts.

    Or Khan Academy.

    But you probably know already :-)

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