Quick Update

Gartner week…

  • Monday, school run, gym at Waterstone, Gartner Symposium at CTICC – I was invited as a blogger and I really wanted to at least tweet something interesting, but failed, Lewis Pugh talk was good (again) – I suspect he gets his material from Life Aquatic, bumped into Cath, fetched our updated 1080p videos, FNB meeting at Caprice – I was asked asked if I’m still studying (I’ll take that as a compliment), Mia returned her Judo suit – she’s over Judo, watched some Clone Wars with Mia, we made chicken burgers, SeedStars related Skype chat.
  • Seedstars World Interview
  • Happy that my last 16 years of email is all on my own server.
  • Tuesday, up at 4:30, school run, gym, squash vs Werner, our new batch of NFC tags arrived, 20min nap, email scrubbing.
  • “90% is half way.”

  • Wednesday, up at 5:00, Gartner at CTICC, some blogging, CNBC Africa interview – hope they are kind with the editing, RTD app meeting at Seed with Luke, a walk around Stellenbosch with Mia, chess and steak at Hussar with Mia, mid week speed wine tasting with Paul at Doorenbos (tasted about 30 Stellenbosch wines and took some home).
  • Thursday, early school run for choir, gym, weekly dev meeting at Blue Crane, Mia taught Anjela how to play chess, tinkered with the Fench NFC scanner, 7 great wines to choose from for supper, we washed Mia’s hair.
  • I suspect my percentage of friends who live in Somerset West dropped fairly radically when Andrew left for China.
  • Friday, up at 4:00, iOS7 upgrade – meh, gym, burger at Apres with Luke and Werner, Brampton, sleep – dead tired.
  • We added two more confirmed events to the Gust pipeline this week, first one in Joburg for a major sports gear brand.
  • “I have no sympathy for people who squander their gifts. It’s sickening. It’s worse than sickening, it’s unpatriotic!” — Pain and Gain

  • Saturday, working day, a beer with Al, Lienjtie, Henning, Megan and Fourie at 5 Reyneveld, Jolly Roger, KLT.
  • “Ek het nie tyd vir dit nie, ek soek mos ‘n trou vrou.” — Henning

  • “Dis soosin hartseer zef.” — Hennig, about the Knysna Cheese and Wine festival.

  • Sunday, sunny day, late lunch at Apres, watched Princess Mononoke… pretty good.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.