Quick Update

Jumping deadlines like Donkey Kong barrels...

  • Monday, up at 4:00 for some business plan writing, tested the welcome message feature of the Daisies app.
  • One of my blog posts was re-published on Venture Burn: Ruthless editing: what photography taught me about business.
  • We've decided to focus our attention on the events side of Gust.
  • Tuesday, Heritage day public holiday, working day, afternoon nap, sunset walk around Stellenbosch (berg pad), no braai this year - but at least I managed to get to inbox zero.
  • Seems you can wash running shoes in the washing machine.
  • "Being vegetarian on National Braai Day is like having small boobs on National Cleavage Day." -- Pete

  • Wednesday, up at 5:00, business plan writing again, we launched the first Kinky Disco tickets sales for the season, Caffe Neo, Gourmet Boerie, a beer with Andreas, Founders Club meeting no 4 at Beer House, got home and fell in bed without even setting my alarm - great.
  • Been noticing that not sleeping enough is a bad idea, makes the hours you are awake less productive.
  • I watched the Jobs movie this week. Not bad.
  • Thursday, gym, weekly dev meeting at Blue Crane - the wifi there should be much better now - we mounted a hotspot on the ceiling, fetched Mia (school holidays), we launched the Rocking the Daisies 2013 app, squash vs Werner, sunset walk around Stellenbosch with Mia, Mia watched Star Wars Ep V, calamari, Ossobuco and chess at De Cameron, gelato, some Death Star Lego building.
  • Mia asked me why her mom and I are not together anymore. Seems her mom's answer was "because we used to fight" - which I had to explain was very far from true. I don't think we ever fought. I was just too busy with work.
  • In hindsight, should have known it would not work out when she told me she did not like Star Wars.
  • I think one game of squash per week is enough - getting old.
  • Mia's two front teeth are growing out pretty quickly now.
  • The Daisies 2013 app is a thing of beauty. Great work. Search for "Daisies 2013".
  • "But you've never not had fun working, Joe." -- Naulene

  • Friday, early business plan writing and sending, gym, fetched Mia from gym camp, haircut at the old barber shop - first haircut in a long while that I'm happy with, got Mia a chess board for her mom's house, burger at Jan Kats with Mia, watched some Clone Wars, we washed Mia's hair.
  • Saturday, tea, grapefluit, omelettes, tea with Michael at Asara, nap, watched the rugby at Wijnhuis with Paul, watched Mega Mind with Mia, a 12 sleep.
  • Sunday, super green smoothie, lunch at The Farmer's Kitchen with Mia, home made ice cream at Root44 market, nap, hacked together a new signup workflow with Werner, sunset walk around Stellenbosch, pizza at Col'caccios.
  • Big week coming up.. Rocking the Daisies 2013! I think this will be my 5th Rocking the Daisies (of 8). [08,09,10,12,13]

Have a fun week, crazy kids.