Quick Update

Unite Joburg…

  • Monday, fetched an Audi A4 2.0 TDI for the day, gym at Waterstone, Blackbird meeting, meeting at Wellness Warehouse, Blue Label meeting, fetched Mia from school, fetched my car, took Mia for some Thai food, dropped her at her mom’s house, took her swimming costume to her Gran’s house.
  • Tuesday, gym, squash vs Werner, sunset walk, email scrubbing.
  • Wednesday, crazy blur of a day, last minute investor deals with end of the month deadlines, Luke quit and un-quit, Kinky Disco planning, Adidas event planning, getting wristbands out of customs, tinkered with the new NFC scanner, Skype meeting to .nl, haircut.
  • Thursday, early flight to Joburg, Gautrain, bought 7 Nexus7 wifi+3g tablets, meeting at Area3, set up the new tablets and phones, nice supper at Luke’s aunt’s house.
  • Friday, last shopping – tripods, crates etc, dropped Luke at the Gautrain station, training day at Area3 for the Adidas Unite Joburg project, a few beers at Anton’s house, supper at one of Anton’s squash friend’s place – dead tired.
  • Saturday, Unite Joburg signups open, drinks with Hein and Anton in Park Hurst, fun evening out in Greenside with Anton.
  • A bit bummed that I missed Aiden’s bachelors and Kinky Disco 2.
  • Sunday, Area3, a walk around the Market on Main, bored Ashleigh with Bitcoin geek speak, flight to Cape Town, good to be home, watched The Way, Way Back – good movie.
  • Maboneng is a pretty interesting place. I suspect I dislike Joburg much less after this last visit.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.