Quick Update

Clone Wars Season III…

  • Monday, gym, a braai with Werner for lunch, Mia helped build a solar powered toy which I picked up at Joburg airport for her, a walk around Stellenbosch explaining electricity concepts, braai meat for supper, bath time and reading.
  • Mia is now 135.5cm, 33.3kg.
  • Tuesday, school run, gym at Waterstone, gym in Stellenbosch, meeting with Garth, painful afternoon meeting, walk around Stellenbosch while Mia went for swimming lessons, we watched some Clone Wars Season 3, I introduced Mia to Sago pudding and she liked it, bath time and reading.
  • Mia now has swimming lessons four days a week (six days this week) – getting ready for the school inter-house gala later this month.
  • Found out that Apple are now forcing people to use iCloud if they want to sync their calendars to their phones. This sucks. Might have to switch back to Debian soon – I think the only thing I’ll really miss is Aperture for photo editing.
  • Wednesday, green smoothie, school run, Waterstone gym, meeting with Arno at Wembley Sq, Thunda.com meeting at Caffe Neo, Mia seemed to organise herself a play-date which caused some minor panic, some Clone Wars, pasta and pesto night for three, work.
  • Thursday, school run, gym, weekly dev meeting at Blue Crane – tough decision, Gusted some scrambled eggs, meeting with Bill at Java about sport clubs in the UK, walk around Stellenbosch with Mia, last fixes to our NFC camera signup app, Clone Wars, Chardonnay, Melk Tert, Madeleine Peyroux.
  • Our new (POE) NFC scanner is working!
  • Friday, school run, gym, the rate of Adidas Unite Joburg signups started to pick up, Gusted a glass or two of wine at Brampton with Parri, watched Clone Wars with Mia, burger at Apres.
  • Saturday, Clone Wars, we got Mia a new swimming costume, gym, spent an hour in the swimming pool with Mia – teaching her how to swim freestyle, sauna, more Clone Wars, nap, afternoon walk chatting about mostly swimming, threw a tennis ball on a Coetzenburg rugby field, Campari and Calamari and rugby at Wijnhuis with Mia – the waiter asked where Francis was, gelato.
  • Interesting teaching swimming – so many finer points to something which really just feels like a reflex.
  • Been single for one year this weekend.
  • Sunday, tea, grapefruit, green smoothie, watched the start of Clone Wars Season 4 – cool underwater scenes, a game of chess in the Botanical Garden and a free lunch, played swimming coach at gym – Mia is making good progress, sauna, took Mia to her mom’s house, a beer with Andrew (back from two months in China) at Old Bridge tavern, watched Jiro Dreams on Sushi – good movie.
  • Tunes of the week: the new Madeleine Peyroux: The Blue Room. Guilty – good song. She’s grown (in size since her 2004 Careless Love album cover).
  • Last week somebody asked me if I had a blog – I said yes, but not really something fit for mass market consumption – it’s more of an original diary style blog. Seems this is very hipster. Who knew.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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