Quick Update

Unite Joburg…

  • Monday, got up early and completed our entry for two startup pitching events: Midem and SXSX – submitted with 15min to spare, gym, 0.5k swim, Checkers sushi and a nice glass of Hartenberg Chardonnay for lunch – yes, I know.. after watching Jiro Dream of Sushi the previous night.
  • Tuesday, afternoon 1km swim and mostly just working.
  • “Be mine – until the internet goes down.” — Werner, about engagement rings.

  • It’s easier to teach oil rig crews to become astronauts than teaching astronauts to become oil rig drillers. — Dirk, about software developers and business people, we suspect he is Bruce Willis the software developer in this story.
  • The Coetzenburg swimming pool is finally filled with water again – may have to play some underwater hockey soon.
  • Wednesday, busy Cape Town day, Peach Payments meeting, bumped into Dan at 88mph, walked around AfricaCom, Blue Label meeting, was part of a panel discussion about Mobile Money, bumped into Ingi, Machine meeting, Isreali VC meeting at The Westin, a beer at La Parada with Nick, pull pork sandwich at hipster central… &Union.
  • Thursday, up at 4:00, packing and backups, flight to Joburg at 7:00, bad luck with seat choices – sat next to a fat person on the plane, breakfast with Anton in Sandton, Machine meeting – in a very unintuitive Chinese building, spent most of the day in Soweto at Walter Sisulu Square, drove to Ernst’s house, a beer in 4th avenue Parkhurst, had the biggest pork chop ever at Bistro Vine with Ernst and Anton talking about SCUBA holidays, Burning Man and had good laugh about cruise ship holidays, Georg fetched my car at the airport, out in Greenside with Anton.
  • Good to see Ernst again.
  • “What is adventure without the unknown?” — Anton, about (cruise ship) holidays.

  • Friday, 21 hour day, woke up at Anton’s house, first meeting at 7:00 – very positive meeting about TrustFabric, back to Sandton Square, iPhone 5s launch day, got an extra iPad2, drove to Midrand to get POE injectors and switches, booked two event photographers, drove to Area3 and luckily our four new NFC scanners were there, back to Walter Sisulu Square, booked into the Soweto Hotel, started setting up for Adidas Unite Joburg, wired the NFC scanners with Ethernet cable, set up the bars, registration, access control and event photography, all kinds of crazy logistics and problem solving – mildly stressful, Ernst came to the event to support my efforts (thanks Ernst), played photographer for a while and watched Mandoza perform, high fives from the Machine ladies, set up 6 tablets for store discounts, packed up all our equipment and walked back to the hotel with three security guards at 3am, managed to get 3 hours sleep.
  • Easily the most crazy working day ever. Complexity level 9. This was our first public event with our new POE NFC scanners. Don’t think I’ll attempt setting up an event out of town on my own again.
  • I don’t think Georg can walk by a Hifi without unplugging some cabling.
  • Saturday, another 21 hour day, woke up in Soweto, drove to Anton’s house, packing, flight to Cape Town, Georg fetched me at the airport, played photographer at Aiden and Camilla’s wedding at Marianne Wine Estate just outside Stellenbosch, awesome wedding, nice ceremony, great speeches, tasty food, cool people and some dancing, got to bed around 3:00, babies don’t sleep
    this well.
  • Sunday, omelette at Wijnhuis with Georg, watched Burn After Reading, a long nap, watched the rugby at Jan Kats, Apres, in bed by 21:00.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.