Quick Update

On my mind this week: figure out what you like to do and do more of that…

  • Monday, dropped Georg at the airport, met with Brian at the Blue Crane, some wedding photo processing, swimming with Mia, Clone Wars Season 4, a sunset walk around Stellenbosch, fish and chips, in bed early.
  • Tuesday, school run, Waterstone gym (read: catch up with Twitter on a gym bike), Deloitte Digital meeting, Mia went for two swimming lessons, met with Falk at Brampton, meeting with Jan and Werner, cooked supper for Mia while watching some Clone Wars.
  • Wednesday, up early, school run, Waterstone gym, started working on a new investment deal for TrustFabric and Gust Pay, a game of chess and pizza at Decameron with Mia, gelato/sorbet, Clone Wars.
  • Dairy-free week for Mia.
  • Thursday, school run, gym, massage, lunch with Werner at Greengate, meeting with Luke and Werner at Brampton, watched Clone Wars with Mia.
  • This year is quickly coming to an end. It’s been a pretty crazy adventure.
  • I don’t think Mia has a perfect school attendance record this year, but at least she went to school every day she was at my house.
  • There is something about imminent change that makes you appreciate the now.
  • Friday, green smoothie, school run, gym, ISLabs Skype meeting, fetched Mia from school, swimming with Mia – her freestyle stroke is looking good – we spent some time on her backstroke, finished Clone Wars Season 4, sunset walk and a burger at Jan Kats.
  • TrustFabric in the news: Finally, a national opt-out list.
  • Saturday, relaxing morning, omelettes, swimming – mostly breast stroke coaching, Mia swam 25m freestyle in 31sec, Victoria’s 8th birthday party, Clone Wars, drove to the end of the Jonkershoek Road with Mia – memories of driving this road on the afternoon I bought my first car, a sunset walk along the Eerste Rivier to the cable bridge.
  • Tune of the week: Shot At The Night, The Killers.
  • Sunday, watched the end of Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 5 – nice touch that it ends with the line “I know.”, Bircher muesli with a selection of fresh berries, swimming lessons – Mia’s breast stroke is coming along nicely, 26sec 25m freestyle, 28sec 25m backstroke, nap, introduced Mia to a mask, snorkel and Underwater Hockey at the (recently filled up) Coetzenburg pool – she seems keen to start playing, nap, watched the sun set at the La Pineta play area.. with the usual golden hour summer photography moments, a game of chess, best seared tuna steak in a long while, took Mia to her gran’s house… great weekend.
  • Seared tuna steak… memories of Strega in Heritage Square and probably the best NYE party ever 03/04.
  • It’s about 20 years since I stared playing underwater hockey.
  • I bumped into Gert at the pool who reminded me that we use to play underwater hockey with Lyndon Rive way back in 1994/95 at TUKS in Pretoria.
  • This coming Thursday is UWH Inter-Clubs in Stellenbosch.
  • Mia’s first gala is this coming Wednesday, I think Mia is confident to swim a freestyle and backstroke race now.
  • Investment deals negotiated this year: 7 (to the point of agreeing in writing). Successful so far: 2. Gives you an idea how healthy our local tech investment ecosystem is. The list includes Naspers.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.