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Quick Update


  • Monday, school run – we talked about multiplication and division, blogging at gym, Stellenbosch gym, email scrubbing, sunset walk with Mia.
  • We’re officially on the IS Labs website now.
  • Tuesday, school run, gym, Gusted some Simply Asia sushi, Mia made it into the school swimming squad, roast chicken supper with Mia and Anjela, we read a shortened version of Gulliver’s Travels before bed time.
  • Wednesday, school run, Waterstone gym, haircut, renewed our PO Box in Cape Town, lunch at Wembley Square, a beer a Royal Eatery, Founders Club meetup no6 at Publik Wine Bar (overpriced Hipster wine bar) – the grass fed beef biltong was pretty good, great supper at Mesopotamia with Werner and Andreas – have not been there since December 2009.
  • I suspect I’ve become one of those people who don’t like going to Unisex hairdressers – a Barber seems to actually know how to use a pair of clippers and have some sense of pride in cutting hair accurately.
  • Thursday, school run, Gust’s weekly meeting, Woordfees meetings, afternoon walk with Georg, a long phone call, supper at Apres with Mia and Georg.
  • Friday, school run, gym, breakfast at Greengate and a Berg-pad walk with Georg, Mia’s inter-house athletics / picnic, was feeling a bit deflated – or maybe just not looking forward to moving house, watched some Entourage.
  • Saturday, watched About Time – great movie, Etienne and Clarissa’s baby shower in De Waal park with Paul and Taryn – happy I drove though, Riesling Rocks at Harteberg with Jan, Adelle and Yolandi – good fun, night out with Georg, Janey, Janna, Tascha and Johan – Jolly Roger with Kabous, Balboa (which ended in a bit of an argy bargy exit), Mystic with Janey and Janna.
  • About time travel: there was than one moment at the end of 2007 that I may have wanted to change (NYE iirc) – but only with all the information I have now.
  • Did a bit of reading about Aquaponics.
  • Sunday, watched some Entourage Season 4 and 5 with Georg, Wijnhuis, Georg set off on his travels back to Durban, Jacques phoned, photo processing, sunset walk to the Eerste Rivier chain bridge, phoned Ernst – who seems to have quit his job.
  • “Freedom or Death” — from Entourage.

I hate change. I love change.

Quick Update

The real Cape Town…


  • Monday, gym with Werner – first legs day in a while, set up incremental rsync backups for my Linode (more snags than I initially expected), finished the (2nd) TrustFabric opt-out proposal for the NCC, sunset walk around Stellenbosch, veg and Chardonnay, killed some crickets (at least one per night at the moment).
  • Upgraded my media centre Mac Mini to Mavericks – just so I can share an Aperture lib – so I can have all my landscape 5D photos as a screensaver on the TV, rebuilt its RAID1 set (only took 5 hours) – always a bit annoying when you fix something you know you could have fixed months ago.
  • No real luck with Tinder so far, but it’s still amusing.
  • btw. Gust Pay and TrustFabric managed to get new funding towards the end of December.
  • I used to try keep a balance between my Quick Update posts and other content – I don’t think I really bother anymore.
  • Tuesday, gym, took a walk to swap my offsite backup drive – it’s been a bit too long, sunset walk, watched some Entourage.
  • Storage space I currently need to make sure all my personal data it safe: around 1TB.
  • Wednesday, up early, Mia’s first day in Grade 2, my garage door was finally fixed, set up a Bitcoin SMS gateway with Pieter (37 Coins), street soiree with Paul (which was overly full – had to walk back home to get us glasses), Campari and a good burger at 5 Reyneveld.
  • We started building a new ticketing system for Gust this week.
  • “Powerdisking” — Paul, about watching a whole season/box set of TV shows in one go.

  • I’m off to Switzerland at the end of the month for the final of SeedStars World.
  • Thursday, up early to book a flight and complete visa docs, Schengen visa appointment in Cape Town, Zuchinni’s veg pancake stack and fresh juice (yum), got a new pair of Reef Fannings – probably my 6th pair since 2005, Wembley Square, rock shandy at Rick’s with Jordan talking about .nl festivals, got a (50MB/s write) USB stick, parent info evening at Mia’s school with Naulene – Mia’s new teacher is cool, sunset walk around Stellenbosch.
  • Seems South Africans need a transit visa (DATV) for LHR to a Schengen country. WTF? A visa to spend 45min waiting for the next flight. The guys at SA home affairs must be proud. Spectacular regression.
  • Friday, gym, all kinds of unhappiness about DAT visas, cancelled my BA flight (going with KLM), fetched Mia from school, shoe shopping – had to get bigger school shoes and sport shoes (she liked a pair of glowing green/yellow Nike Free’s), she’s a size 3 now – tricky because most kids shoes go up to 2 and ladies shoes start at 4, sunset walk and a run on the Coetzenburg rugby fields, watched the last of Entourage Season 3.
  • Mia’s is 137cm, 34.5kg, shoe size 3, not sure why I collect this data, might plot it at some point.
  • Saturday, some Clone Wars and green smoothie with avo, swimming with Mia, dropped Mia at her gran’s house, Noble Savages party in Constantia, Rodney played some great music – “your own personal Jesus”, midnight swim – more than one hot girl at the party.
  • AfrikaBurn fundraiser house party – the real Cape Town.
  • My green smoothie currently contains: avo, bananna, spirulina, (lots of) flaxseeds, coconut, chia seeds, moringa, cinnamon, cocoa nibs and whey protein.
  • Sunday, watched the new Riddick movie – it sucked, nap, late lunch and some Longridge Chardonnay at Root44 market with Paul, fetched Mia, Thirsty Scarecrow play area, La Pineta play area, sunset walk along the Eerste Rivier up to the chain bridge with Mia.
  • “Everybody has their list of things they just don’t do, mine is just a bit shorter.” — Paul

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Getting back to work…

  • Monday, Day 1 of the health programme, first gym session in a while with Werner – Mia went to Club V, lunch at Greengate with Francis, rainy day puzzle building, shopping with Mia and Francis, cooked supper while they watched Clone Wars, Francis sleepover, we read three bed time books.
  • I showed Mia the Eddie Izzard Death Star Canteen video (clean version) – she loved it.
  • “Did you dry these in a rainforest? Why, with the power of the Death Star do we not have a tray that is ****ing dry?”

  • Mia discovered DuckDuckGo.
  • Started working again, mostly planning for the year.
  • Tuesday, Francis’s fifth birthday, gym with Werner, Mia and Francis went to Club V, took Mia and Francis to the birthday party in Somerset West, sunset walk around Stellenbosch and some blogging, browsed through photos from 2004-2009.
  • Francis is super cute – a bit sad not really being a part of her life anymore.
  • Wednesday, up at 6:30, healthy eating day, blogging, rainy day gym session, swim, fixed my Aperture library issues (kinda, I think I need 16GB memory), migrated about 70GB of photos, sunset walk, backups, noisy crickets – did not sleep well.
  • Seems I only took (kept) about 2500 photos in 2013. 4300 in 2012, 6300 in 2011.
  • Our AfrikaBurn 2014 theme camp plotting and planning has begun.
  • Tune of the week: FOALS, Spanish Sahara. Hat tip to Etienne. Pretty keen to see them at Ramfest.
  • Thursday, up at 5:15, early flight to Joburg with Werner and Jan, Gust Pay and TrustFabric strategy workshop, had my shoes shined at the airport – something different, flight back, killed two crickets.
  • Friday, watched The Wolf of Wall Street – great movie, Brampton (until they closed) – had a chat about Zeppelins with Dirk, ended up DJ’ing the last few tunes of the evening (generally a good sign that you’ve had enough wine).
  • Saturday, watched some Entourage (S3), Naulene dropped Mia off, swimming at gym, Potjie at Werner’s for his birthday, we watched Tales from Earthsea (Ghibli) – strange, but not bad.
  • Sunday, we watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 1984 (pre-Ghibli) – a bit out there, but entertaining, swimming at gym, ribs and veg at Apres, gelato and a stroll around town, processed Mia’s school photos from 2013, Strand Beach walk – had a long chat with Mia about talent vs work, dropped Mia at her gran’s house.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

NYE week, last week of holiday…

Strand Beach
Strand Beach
  • Week of 30 Dec to 5 Jan.
  • Monday, got up at 10:00.. new (late) record for recent times, sunset braai at Paul’s farm with Georg and Paul – great braai broodjies and red wine, watched The Abyss again – epic movie (to watch after Aliens).
  • Tuesday, french toast (with extra savoury mince on the side) at Basic Bistro with Georg, Kink Disco NYE party at Zevenwacht Wine Estate with Paul and Georg – this involved a fair bit of “just in time Joe” planning.
  • Hello 2014 – though, to be honest this reality only set in a week or two later.
  • The socials… ended the year with 1193 FB friends – no real growth since 1050 in Dec 2012. Twitter followers mildly better 877 from 723.
  • Wednesday, chilled at home, watched The Mexican again, nap, watched Leon, Zoolander and Pain and Gain again with Georg and Paul, lots of bubbly and Chardonnay, nap, watched some Entourage.
  • “I have to ask you a question. It’s a good one so think about it. If two people love each other, but they just can’t seem to get it together, when do you get to that point of enough is enough?” — The Mexican, good dialog for a pretty cheesy movie.

  • Thursday, tea with Anton, breakfast at The Open Kitchen with Georg, more chilling and photo processing, lunch at Inniebosch followed by a Caffe Coretto (Grappa and Espresso), Balboa with Al and Georg, fun evening at Jolly Roger and Balboa (until they closed around 2am) with Anton, Niel, Celeste and Anke(?).
  • Friday, ribs at Apres with Georg, watched a few episodes of The Trip – not bad, nap, a sunset walk around Mostertsdrif, nice supper at Anton’s – awesome summer evening, watched The Counterfeiters – not bad, made popcorn, watched Zombieland again.
  • Saturday, Georg and Anton started their long drives home, fetched Mia, car wash while shopping for a birthday present for Francis, nap, watermelon, body surfing at Strand beach with Mia, soft serve ice cream, sunset beach walk, made popcorn, Clone Wars – nice day.
  • Sunday, I made gourmet omelettes, we completed the Death Star – only took us 10 months (one of the reasons I could not move in November), swimming at gym, Mia swam a 25m freestyle in 26 sec, Strand beach walk – pretty much end to end with a soft serve ice cream in between, fish and chips and a beer cocktail (Jack Black, Jack Daniels and Passion Fruit) at The Thirsty Scarecrow (Mooiberge) – try it, Mia had a Grenadine and soda, variation on her usual Passion Fruit and soda – she played in the play area till 20:45 and it was not totally dark yet, gelato and a walk around the middle of Stellenbosch – another great summers day.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

Quick Update

Mostly a week of watching movies, the one kinda sparked a reason to rewatch the next…


  • Week of 23-29 Dec.
  • Monday, last minute xmas shopping, breakfast at Wijnhuis with Mia, swimming (with Mia’s new fins), we finished a box of cherries, nap, sunset walk to Coetzenburg rugby fields, we searched for the LeapFrog Tag pen and finally found it, loaded the Solar System adventure pack on it (early xmas gift), watched Gravity with Georg – pretty lame movie.
  • Tuesday, watched Titan AE, Death Star Lego building (up to page 220/260) and some BTC trading, swimming with Mia – took a video of her freestyle stroke with the underwater camera to show her at home, dropped Mia at her gran’s (old) house, xmas eve dinner with Paul at De Cameron – try the traditional Italian meat dishes there.
  • Wednesday, relaxed xmas day in De Wetsdaai with Anton and Georg, a swim at Bikini Beach, a drink and a braai broodjie at the Jolly Roger – pretty much the only place that was open in Stellenbosch.
  • Joe’s xmas present to Joe: 1.0 BTC and a bottle of Acqua Di Gio.
  • Thursday, watched The Campaign – ok, watched Alien3 – epic, Georg managed to sleep trough most of both movies, late lunch with Georg at The Long Table – we had a 22yo Clos Malverne Cab/Merlot, try the cheesecake there, watched World War Z – entertaining, sunset walk, Anton dropped off my diving gear, Trumpet Tree with Al, Paul and about 10 other Stellenbosch locals.
  • The tenth man policy: when nine people agree on something, it’s the tenth man’s responsibility to disagree no matter how improbable the idea. — From WWZ
  • Watching movies now often involves an iPad with the Wikipedia page to check random details and facts.
  • Friday, watched Alien Resurection – not the best one in the series, but entertaining, omelette at Basic, body surfing at Strand Beach with Mia and Georg, soft serve ice cream, dropped Mia at her mom’s, a beer cocktail at The Thursty Scarecrow.
  • Turns out there will be a Clone Wars Season 6 – in early 2014, joy.
  • Saturday, watched Django Unchained – very entertaining, played with Tinder… looks like a cool app, but you can’t seem to undo anything and the swiping UX is a bit prone to mistakes, watched True Romance again – epic, spent a few hours watching Burning Man Youtube clips and reading about Geodesic domes.
  • “Now, if that’s a fact, tell me, am I lying?” — one of the best scenes ever.

  • Theme for the last few weeks has been rediscovering a few things I really like to do – swimming, wine, music… read: stick with what you know (only if you really like it).
  • Sunday, mostly listened to music and cleaned the house, shopping, sense of humour failure – Naulene made me drive to Somerset West and back for no reason – same old issue: communication, nap, movie night and Mediterranean food with Paul, watched Snow White and the Huntsman – nice visuals, watched Death and the Maiden again – pretty gripping.
  • “I love you. It has been the logic of my life, but I have a feeling it’s going to destroy me.” — Death and the Maiden, good scene.

One more week to catch up on.

Quick Update

Yes, I know, three weeks without blogging…

  • The week of 16-22 Dec.
  • My phone notes got a bit out of hand over the holiday time.
  • I traveled ~2400km this week.
  • Monday, woke up in Durban, road trip down the N2 with Georg (with some Black Keys, Pixies, Ben Harper and Depeche Mode), epic buffet breakfast, we stopped at the Nelson Mandela Museum in Qunu, Cinsta East, Cinsta Bay, table tennis, beach walk, swim, partied with a pretty crazy tennis coach from Holland (Flo) and four German girls (volunteer workers ranging in age from 18 to 23).
  • “Your dad is 3 years older than me?” — Georg to the blonde girl.

  • “Easy, guys… I put my pants on just like the rest of you — one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records.” — THE Bruce Dickinson, More Cowbell.

  • “Dis alles snaaks tot iemand huil, en dit was amper ek.” — how Georg woke me up on Tuesday morning.

  • Tuesday, woke up at Buccanneers Backpackers, had to do some work, breakfast with an awesome view of the river mouth – with the German girls, beach walk, braai.
  • I’ve developed a thing for marmalade. Orange marmalade. Yum.
  • “Be gay on your own time.” — Georg

  • “Startups that use technology to disrupt existing, profitable business models and can scale fast.”

  • Wednesday, woke up in Cintsa, drove to Grahamstown, lunch at Kenton on Sea, Jbay beach, shell shop visit, fish and chips, watched about 10min of Hanibal before falling asleep.
  • Thursday, woke up in Jbay, big guesthouse breakfast, Jbay factory shops, Tsitsikama big tree 5k hike – well worth it, Keurbooms, Plett, a beer with Al at Loui’s in Knysna, pizza at Sirocco, Bloo – interesting place.
  • Friday, breakfast at Ile de pain, haircut, drove to Stellenbosch with Al (Georg drove to Cape Agulhas) – a fair bit of Bitcoin talk on the way, a beer at Trumpet, bought some more BTC.
  • 666: Al’s bar tab number at Trumpet Tree.
  • Saturday, Love and Light with Ernst, Paul, Al and Peter Futter.
  • “Namaste bitches.” — Ernst’s line of the day.

  • “Get involved.” — Paul

  • “How the gym gives back.” — Ernst, explaining his motivation for going running at gym early in the morning – watching the girls swim. Something about water flowing over their bodies as they turn. Reminded me of this quote…

  • “There are three things I love in this world: Kylie Minogue, small dimples just above a woman’s buttocks, and the fear in the man’s eye who knows that I’m about to hurt him.” — The Other Guys

  • Sunday, breakfast at The Farmer’s Kitchen with Ernst, some Chardonnay at De Oewer, dropped Ernst at the airport, a long beer with Etienne at Van Hunks – he had some life changing news, a drink with Aiden and Georg at La Vie, fetched Al at Paul’s house and dropped him off at his car, watched Aliens again.
  • Sigourney was 36 when the movie was made. Newt is one year older than I am.
  • “Get away from her you bitch!” — Aliens, great line.

Namaste bitches.