Quick Update

Mostly a week of watching movies, the one kinda sparked a reason to rewatch the next…


  • Week of 23-29 Dec.
  • Monday, last minute xmas shopping, breakfast at Wijnhuis with Mia, swimming (with Mia’s new fins), we finished a box of cherries, nap, sunset walk to Coetzenburg rugby fields, we searched for the LeapFrog Tag pen and finally found it, loaded the Solar System adventure pack on it (early xmas gift), watched Gravity with Georg – pretty lame movie.
  • Tuesday, watched Titan AE, Death Star Lego building (up to page 220/260) and some BTC trading, swimming with Mia – took a video of her freestyle stroke with the underwater camera to show her at home, dropped Mia at her gran’s (old) house, xmas eve dinner with Paul at De Cameron – try the traditional Italian meat dishes there.
  • Wednesday, relaxed xmas day in De Wetsdaai with Anton and Georg, a swim at Bikini Beach, a drink and a braai broodjie at the Jolly Roger – pretty much the only place that was open in Stellenbosch.
  • Joe’s xmas present to Joe: 1.0 BTC and a bottle of Acqua Di Gio.
  • Thursday, watched The Campaign – ok, watched Alien3 – epic, Georg managed to sleep trough most of both movies, late lunch with Georg at The Long Table – we had a 22yo Clos Malverne Cab/Merlot, try the cheesecake there, watched World War Z – entertaining, sunset walk, Anton dropped off my diving gear, Trumpet Tree with Al, Paul and about 10 other Stellenbosch locals.
  • The tenth man policy: when nine people agree on something, it’s the tenth man’s responsibility to disagree no matter how improbable the idea. — From WWZ
  • Watching movies now often involves an iPad with the Wikipedia page to check random details and facts.
  • Friday, watched Alien Resurection – not the best one in the series, but entertaining, omelette at Basic, body surfing at Strand Beach with Mia and Georg, soft serve ice cream, dropped Mia at her mom’s, a beer cocktail at The Thursty Scarecrow.
  • Turns out there will be a Clone Wars Season 6 – in early 2014, joy.
  • Saturday, watched Django Unchained – very entertaining, played with Tinder… looks like a cool app, but you can’t seem to undo anything and the swiping UX is a bit prone to mistakes, watched True Romance again – epic, spent a few hours watching Burning Man Youtube clips and reading about Geodesic domes.
  • “Now, if that’s a fact, tell me, am I lying?” — one of the best scenes ever.

  • Theme for the last few weeks has been rediscovering a few things I really like to do – swimming, wine, music… read: stick with what you know (only if you really like it).
  • Sunday, mostly listened to music and cleaned the house, shopping, sense of humour failure – Naulene made me drive to Somerset West and back for no reason – same old issue: communication, nap, movie night and Mediterranean food with Paul, watched Snow White and the Huntsman – nice visuals, watched Death and the Maiden again – pretty gripping.
  • “I love you. It has been the logic of my life, but I have a feeling it’s going to destroy me.” — Death and the Maiden, good scene.

One more week to catch up on.