Quick Update

The real Cape Town…


  • Monday, gym with Werner – first legs day in a while, set up incremental rsync backups for my Linode (more snags than I initially expected), finished the (2nd) TrustFabric opt-out proposal for the NCC, sunset walk around Stellenbosch, veg and Chardonnay, killed some crickets (at least one per night at the moment).
  • Upgraded my media centre Mac Mini to Mavericks – just so I can share an Aperture lib – so I can have all my landscape 5D photos as a screensaver on the TV, rebuilt its RAID1 set (only took 5 hours) – always a bit annoying when you fix something you know you could have fixed months ago.
  • No real luck with Tinder so far, but it’s still amusing.
  • btw. Gust Pay and TrustFabric managed to get new funding towards the end of December.
  • I used to try keep a balance between my Quick Update posts and other content – I don’t think I really bother anymore.
  • Tuesday, gym, took a walk to swap my offsite backup drive – it’s been a bit too long, sunset walk, watched some Entourage.
  • Storage space I currently need to make sure all my personal data it safe: around 1TB.
  • Wednesday, up early, Mia’s first day in Grade 2, my garage door was finally fixed, set up a Bitcoin SMS gateway with Pieter (37 Coins), street soiree with Paul (which was overly full – had to walk back home to get us glasses), Campari and a good burger at 5 Reyneveld.
  • We started building a new ticketing system for Gust this week.
  • “Powerdisking” — Paul, about watching a whole season/box set of TV shows in one go.

  • I’m off to Switzerland at the end of the month for the final of SeedStars World.
  • Thursday, up early to book a flight and complete visa docs, Schengen visa appointment in Cape Town, Zuchinni’s veg pancake stack and fresh juice (yum), got a new pair of Reef Fannings – probably my 6th pair since 2005, Wembley Square, rock shandy at Rick’s with Jordan talking about .nl festivals, got a (50MB/s write) USB stick, parent info evening at Mia’s school with Naulene – Mia’s new teacher is cool, sunset walk around Stellenbosch.
  • Seems South Africans need a transit visa (DATV) for LHR to a Schengen country. WTF? A visa to spend 45min waiting for the next flight. The guys at SA home affairs must be proud. Spectacular regression.
  • Friday, gym, all kinds of unhappiness about DAT visas, cancelled my BA flight (going with KLM), fetched Mia from school, shoe shopping – had to get bigger school shoes and sport shoes (she liked a pair of glowing green/yellow Nike Free’s), she’s a size 3 now – tricky because most kids shoes go up to 2 and ladies shoes start at 4, sunset walk and a run on the Coetzenburg rugby fields, watched the last of Entourage Season 3.
  • Mia’s is 137cm, 34.5kg, shoe size 3, not sure why I collect this data, might plot it at some point.
  • Saturday, some Clone Wars and green smoothie with avo, swimming with Mia, dropped Mia at her gran’s house, Noble Savages party in Constantia, Rodney played some great music – “your own personal Jesus”, midnight swim – more than one hot girl at the party.
  • AfrikaBurn fundraiser house party – the real Cape Town.
  • My green smoothie currently contains: avo, bananna, spirulina, (lots of) flaxseeds, coconut, chia seeds, moringa, cinnamon, cocoa nibs and whey protein.
  • Sunday, watched the new Riddick movie – it sucked, nap, late lunch and some Longridge Chardonnay at Root44 market with Paul, fetched Mia, Thirsty Scarecrow play area, La Pineta play area, sunset walk along the Eerste Rivier up to the chain bridge with Mia.
  • “Everybody has their list of things they just don’t do, mine is just a bit shorter.” — Paul

Have a fun week, crazy kids.