Quick Update


  • Monday, school run – we talked about multiplication and division, blogging at gym, Stellenbosch gym, email scrubbing, sunset walk with Mia.
  • We’re officially on the IS Labs website now.
  • Tuesday, school run, gym, Gusted some Simply Asia sushi, Mia made it into the school swimming squad, roast chicken supper with Mia and Anjela, we read a shortened version of Gulliver’s Travels before bed time.
  • Wednesday, school run, Waterstone gym, haircut, renewed our PO Box in Cape Town, lunch at Wembley Square, a beer a Royal Eatery, Founders Club meetup no6 at Publik Wine Bar (overpriced Hipster wine bar) – the grass fed beef biltong was pretty good, great supper at Mesopotamia with Werner and Andreas – have not been there since December 2009.
  • I suspect I’ve become one of those people who don’t like going to Unisex hairdressers – a Barber seems to actually know how to use a pair of clippers and have some sense of pride in cutting hair accurately.
  • Thursday, school run, Gust’s weekly meeting, Woordfees meetings, afternoon walk with Georg, a long phone call, supper at Apres with Mia and Georg.
  • Friday, school run, gym, breakfast at Greengate and a Berg-pad walk with Georg, Mia’s inter-house athletics / picnic, was feeling a bit deflated – or maybe just not looking forward to moving house, watched some Entourage.
  • Saturday, watched About Time – great movie, Etienne and Clarissa’s baby shower in De Waal park with Paul and Taryn – happy I drove though, Riesling Rocks at Harteberg with Jan, Adelle and Yolandi – good fun, night out with Georg, Janey, Janna, Tascha and Johan – Jolly Roger with Kabous, Balboa (which ended in a bit of an argy bargy exit), Mystic with Janey and Janna.
  • About time travel: there was than one moment at the end of 2007 that I may have wanted to change (NYE iirc) – but only with all the information I have now.
  • Did a bit of reading about Aquaponics.
  • Sunday, watched some Entourage Season 4 and 5 with Georg, Wijnhuis, Georg set off on his travels back to Durban, Jacques phoned, photo processing, sunset walk to the Eerste Rivier chain bridge, phoned Ernst – who seems to have quit his job.
  • “Freedom or Death” — from Entourage.

I hate change. I love change.