Quick Update


  • Monday, gym, vitB shot, started packing, drove to Somerset West to give Mia her maths workbook, packed The Death Star in Ziploc bags.
  • Tuesday, gym, backups – before going travelling for two weeks make sure you have five backups in four locations, fetched my passport/visa in Cape Town, had a Whopper with Werner (the complete opposite of the regular Zucchini’s lunch), lots of last minute things to sort out before leaving, packing to move (FML!), Paul and Janna popped over.
  • Moving house + mom heart attack + startup negotiations + startup competition and overseas trip plannnig… *sigh*.
  • Wednesday, up at 5:00, moar packing, moved my stuff to storage – everything still fits in 3x3x2.5m fairly easily, found a 3 page diary entry Naulene wrote about a day walking around Cape Town with Ernst and a walk up Lions Head with Ernst and me – a great day (25 Sept 2005) – I still have the photos, watched Mia’s swimming training at school – backstroke day – she’s making good progress, we went shopping for a shammy swimming towel and a bigger swimsuit for Mia, had some red wine biltong (very good), ninja ice cream, Helderberg (strawberry) farm visit – Mia played in the sprinklers and managed to get very wet, I took some 1/8000sec water droplet photos, we had supper at the new Greek restaurant near the farm – George’s, the usual tasty meze stuff followed by (a bit too) exotic dishes (White Bait and Baby Octopus legs – which Mia ordered), dropped Mia at Naulene’s house with three bags full of (pre 5yo) toys, dead tired, watched some Top Gear in an empty house.
  • The idea of spending an afternoon with Mia after all the packing and moving was good motivation.
  • Note to self: do not move house and pack for two weeks overseas on the same day.
  • Thursday, woke up in a sleeping bag, bought three AfrikaBurn tickets, packed up my kitchen – which took longer than planned, Werner helped me move my last stuff to storage, interesting feeling being homeless, a burger and a bottle of unfilted Fleur De Cap Chardonnay at De Oewer with Werner, dropped my car off at Paul’s house, Bitcoin meeting with Jan and Werner in Claremont – I guess that was the first meetup of/about the South African Bitcoin Foundation (a bit meh), Jan dropped me off at the airport, killing
    time with G&D’s (Gin and Dry Lemon) at the airport wondering if I packed everything, KLM flight to Amsterdam at 0:25, fairly comfy flight – got some sleep.
  • Almost 40deg in Stellenbosch on Thursday, about 4deg in Geneva on Friday.
  • Friday, woke up over Europe somewhere, watched The 5th Estate (WikiLeaks movie) – pretty good, walked around Schipol airport for a bit, spoke to my mom, KLM flight to Geneva, I was greeted by the SeedstarsWorld people at the airport, found my hostel (after a bit of a train ride and a walk), laptop charge and shower, sunset photography walk around Geneva – followed my nose for about 4 hours – beautiful city, a bit nippy outside, lamb shawarma at a street cafe 8 CHF (~R100) – this city is not cheap, picked up a Wired mag and read it over a beer, met up with the SSW crew at a bar called Les Brasseurs.
  • “Courage is contagious.”, “Revolution is the struggle between the past and the future.” — from The 5th Estate

  • Interesting that Snowden did not use WikiLeaks – but seems so closely tied to them afterwords.
  • Note to self: donate some Bitcoin to WikiPedia and WikiLeaks.
  • Saturday, first day of Feb, woke up in a youth hostel in Geneva, first day of SSW Bootcamp at EPFL in Lausanne, visit to the Rolex Learning Centre – impressive building, mentor sessions, made my presentation from scratch in 30min, first pitching session – some impressive business ideas around, wine tasting evening – nice French Chardonnay, traditional Raclette for supper (three plates of melted cheese with charcuterie and gerkins) at a local restaurant with the Seedstars crew.
  • “The UN of startups.” — about SSW in Geneva, o/h on the bus.

  • Every time I have a text editor open to make notes people ask me if I’m busy coding.
  • Sunday, up early, full day of startup coaching and pitches in Lousanne, beer-ping-pong pitches, in bed early.
  • Good article about the Zappos CEO in Las Vegas in Wired.
  • Looking forward to seeing Jacques in Dublin.

Have a fun week, startup kids.