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Geneva and Dublin…

Comedy Club
Comedy Club
  • The week of 3-9 Feb.
  • Monday, woke up in Geneva, bus ride to IMG (business school) in Lousanne, made good progress on my GUST presentation and pitch, semi-final pitches, a moving conversation on the bus ride home, sad to read about John’s car accident.
  • For some reason I can’t seem to force my Macbook wifi radio to 2.4Ghz – just could not get it to connect on 5Ghz to a Cisco AP. Painful.
  • They seem to really like their bread in Geneva.
  • Tuesday, SSW final at CICG, long trade show day, met a lot of people – from Spain, France, Dubai etc. – also a pretty French girl – who was interested in Bitcoin, QS, JOMO (digital detox) and AfrikaBurn, Flitto won SSW (a 9 year overnight success) – Simon (the founder) is an awesome guy, watched a pretty epic documentary about ten years of Alibaba.com, dead tired, drinks with the SSW people at Scandals, ended up at a Hookah lounge in the red light area of Genava with some of the other SSW founders: an Armenian guy from Dubai (Rafael) and two guys from Denmark living in Thailand – and a London based R&D guy for Visa – who says he read about GUST a while ago.
  • “The biggest risk in life is not taking any risk.”

  • 40% of the SSW founders were not from the country they represent, many of them were on startup 2 or more.
  • It was great to meet the SSW team and all the founders – good network, which I think was the real value.
  • Geneva: wax museum with a pulse.
  • Note to self: preparing for these startup pitching events takes a lot of time, some of these guys have been working on their pitches for months. I hope I did a good job at representing Cape Town and SA.
  • Wednesday, walked to the Lift14 conference at CICG, finally managed to sit still for the first time in 4 days and fully charge my laptop and phone, tired, very cool talk about (not) hiding complexity and our relationship with devices by @alexislloyd from nytlabs, tram ride, steak at Le Relais de l’Entrocote with Thomas and Casper – Thailand sounds pretty cool, taxi ride, an iki beer (with green tea) at Lola’s bar with the SSW crew.
  • Lots of hot woman around Lift14 – in a non-obvious way, the geeky designer types.
  • Had a long chat with a KDE hacker about Xorg, Wayland and Mir. Interesting. In summary: you probably want to keep your Macbook for one more year before thinking of switching (back) to Linux. At least Intel has committed to Wayland.
  • Thursday, last (full) day in Geneva – first sunny day, Lift14 day2 (future of work session), walked passed the ITU building, played with an Oculus Rift, attended the LEGO serious play workshop (built a “my nightmare date” LEGO model), Indian food with the SSW crew – chats about Jolla phones (I want one), South Korea, xmas lights powered by sprouts, a goodbye Leffe Draught at Duke Pub with Thomas.
  • Rabbit. Carrot. Pistol. (Rock. Paper. Scissors.)
  • Realised again that language can be a bitch – a real barrier.
  • Friday, very cold and wet walk to the train station, train to the airport, SAS flight to Copenhagen, watched The Great Gatsby… meh – the brunette was hot, awesome salad and a Carlsberg in Copenhagen, flight to Dublin for Jacques’ birthday weekend, met Jacques in the passport queue at the airport, thank you Ireland for not needing a visa, bus ride into town, found our hotel, cold and wet walk to Temple Bar for some live traditional Irish music, some Connamera Irish single malt.
  • Very little fear of flying at the moment, which is good.
  • The NSA is sitting on the biggest set of useful online dating data.
  • Saturday, hotel breakfast buffet, Dublin (hop-on-off city) bus, Guinness factory tour, had an idea to grow aquaponic hops, a great tasting Guinness at gravity bar, bus ride to the Jameson factory, watched some of the Ireland vs Whales game over an Irish coffee, met Pletz for a drink, good show at the International Comedy Club, Nando’s.
  • Seems Bram Stoker used to write children’s books, until he got married.
  • Jacques is planning on becoming a shake and bake house husband – remotely, in under three weeks. Level 9 skills.
  • Jacques reminded me that Naulene got herself some other valentines date in 2008, while we were still together. Strange but true.
  • Sunday, bacon and eggs brunch with Jacques, walked to the train station, Bitcoin chats on the way to Pletz’s house (who we know from Stellenbosch underwater hockey days), we missed our stop, Pletz fetched us, catch-up and braai, awesome family day, more than one Jameson, train back to the city, out and about.
  • I’m happy we waited a year with Mia’s immunisation shots.
  • Children are awesome.
  • Lessons of the week: 1) no chance of getting international funding for an SA business 2) find and join a well respected startup accelerator.
  • I really liked Dublin. Nice vibe. Good fun.
  • Big thanks to Seedstars World team, Jacques and Pletz.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.

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  1. Finally got around to read your blog!!! BTW I think your ‘X’ is a real piece of art! Ha ha! And Yes, kidz are awesome! Keep it real!!!

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