Quick Update

Sound of Music weekend…

Sunset view from Lions Head
Sunset view from Lions Head
  • Monday, up early, school run from Cape Town – quick drive actually, very little traffic, blogging, gym, went to watch Mia’s swimming training and drove her to the Helderberg zonal swimming gala… Mia came 4th in backstroke and 2nd in her freestyle swim, dropped Mia at her gran’s house (for Pancake Day), back to Cape Town, watched American Hustle… great movie – the Louis CK ice fishing story was pretty cool.
  • I’ve been using OSX for ten years today – since the days of my first laptop – 12″ Powerbook.
  • I’m a bit bummed I missed the Kogelbay party on Sunday.
  • Tuesday, work – mostly tweaking investment docs, power nap, sunset walk around Lions Head, Skype meeting about a Kickstarter video.
  • Cape Town is awesome – not that Stellenbosch was bad, but…
  • Wednesday, up early, watered the plans (training for my new food hacking interests), meeting in Stellenbosch, pancakes and tea with Werner at Blue Orange (because I missed out on Pancake Day), Mia birthday party venue shopping at La Pineta, gym (reading mail), lunch with Andrew (our man from China), took Mia to a mini cricket match at Somerset Collage – it was a draw, but nice improvement in her game from the previous week, fetched Francis, took the girls to Strand Waterworld (more party venue shopping) and got a set of 1/2000sec water slide photos, dropped the girls off, sunset walk around Tamboerskloof, photo processing.
  • Good memories of living in Tamboerskloof – like the octopus story (Andrew waking up the next morning finding his two cats licking the octopus) and helping Scott break into his house. Cool neighbours. I suggested the hotel across the road to the French girl I met in Geneva – the Mulholland Drive of Cape Town.
  • You’re probably not going to buy yourself a house in Leeukloof road with ZAR, which is why I’m on my current mission to look for business opportunities in Europe.
  • That house husband thing does not sound so bad this week, which – let’s face it is pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last two weeks if you exclude startup fundraising.
  • We agreed on Mia’s birthday party day and venue.
  • I now have my very own toothbrush charger again.
  • Life is a game. This is your strategy guide.
  • Thursday, long day, gym, swim, U-start conference at the Radisson Hotel, Mia had a swimming gala vs Kentridge and did well in the backstroke race.
  • Ever notice how parliament is really just in the way of Cape Town traffic flow?
  • “You have to keep shaking the tree.” — Marc from SBC A’DAM, about raising investment. Which made me think – I still have a lot to learn. I’ve only really been at this for three years, 8 investment deals later and a few pivots – but no international deals yet.

  • Friday, woke up with neck pain (*sigh*), work, designed and sent Mia’s birthday party invite (cool photo I think), gym, swim, nap, walked to Van Hunks, more than one drink with Georg, Milton, Ollie and Etienne – fun evening.
  • Good to see Etienne – probably one if his last nights out in Cape Town for a while.
  • I’m enjoying this distributed office idea, Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Amsterdam, London. New respect for Skype.
  • Saturday, the Full Monte breakfast at Daily Deli with Georg, fetched Mia from Camps Bay, Beta Beach visit, walked by our old house/beach, Fun Day at Mia’s school, Mia went Scuba diving in the pool and got dunked (ball game), caught the tail end of the ParkOff (AfrikaBurn event) at Deer Park – Mia liked the Mutant Vehicles and seemed very keen to see AfrikaBurn, pizza at Woodlands Eatery (food was a bit meh) with Georg and Mia, a drink with Etienne (he came to borrow a bicycle to ride a very windy Argus), photo processing.
  • Seems you can SCUBA dive from 8yo and dive in the sea from 10yo.
  • “Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.” — Arthur Miller

  • Sunday, we folded an origami Blue Crane (for a school project), minor snag: Naulene did not pack any clothes or shoes for Mia, so off to the Waterfront, introduced Mia to schwarmas, Lego shop (must. have. EV3. soon.), put new (anti-glare) LCD screen protectors on my DSLR – without any bubbles!, we played some Lego Mindstorm Fix the Factory (iPad game), off to the Artscape Theatre, cheesecake, we watched The Sound of Music – Mia loved it, dropped Mia at Naulene’s house (around 21:30), watched a bit of Black Sails (filmed at Cape Town film studios) with Georg – not the best series, great weekend.
  • Feel like my head is in Cape Town now. Took me a while to really leave Stellenbosch the last time, but I recently figured out that I was not so much in love with the place than in love with a girl there (and maybe the red wine an squash Thursdays).
  • Note to self: take better care of working environment / ergonomics.
  • “Silence is the loudest parting word you never say.” — from Amen Omen, Ben Harper.

  • Getting ready to make a few big changes, I hope.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.