Quick Update

Housewarming weekend…

  • This post is late, it’s for the week of 31 March to 6 April.
  • Monday, Mia’s 8th birthday, a few birthday phone calls, we walked to Carlucci’s for breakfast – Mia had the sweet french toast option, walked around Oranjezicht City Farm, some just in time visa admin at the Gardens print shop, dragged Mia along to a UK visa appointment in Green Point, Waterfront, gelato, watched some Clone Wars Season 6, helped Mia wash her hair, last minute Techstars / Barclays Accelerator (London) entry… more about this next week.
  • I had to retire a 10 year old pair of Diesel jeans – which I’m happy to say still fit pretty well.
  • Hell: filling in long startup accelerator application forms with an Edge connection.
  • Did I mention the Vodacom Edge internet speeds?
  • Sadly, not that impressed with the 6th Clone Wars season. Meh. You kinda get the idea they made the last 4 episodes after they heard the news the show was coming to an end – the last 4 are pretty good.
  • Tuesday, watched the end of Clone Wars with Mia, print shop, fresh juice, Kings Craft (Pilsner? – nice beer) at Deer Park, De Waal Park, took a walk down Kloof Street and shared a pizza at Cocoa Dola… food was a bit meh.
  • Wednesday, rainy morning blogging session, LEGO Mindstorm EV3 delivery (birthday gift for Mia), Mia and I went for a Red Bus (Red Route) ride around Cape Town – have not done that since 2009ish… nice to see Cape Town from a tourist perspective, fish and chips at the aquarium (nice and fresh, must be their I&J sponsorship), dropped Mia at Naulene’s house, photo processing, a beer with Werner at Van Hunks, watched Blue Jasmine… good movie – the dentist scene made me think of Ernst and his habit of complementing girls on their teeth.
  • When you look at Bakoven from the Camps Bay side there is a big round rock in the sea with a hole in it, that looks like a… Bakoven – that is why you go on the Red Bus tour, kids.
  • Thursday, gym, swim, sauna, salad, drove to Stellenbosch, got a new hockey gum guard for Mia, fetched a new iPhone 5s (space grey 16GB)… contract upgrade time, also got a CellC SIM for an Android hotspot (Dan suggested CellC for the area), vitB shot, haircut (the Albanian – sorry Bianca), storage space visit to try and get Mia’s hockey gear – ended up just getting a water filter jug, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s, Van Hunks with Georg, tequila with pineapple and cinnamon, migrated my iPhone settings… mostly painless.
  • CellC SIM works way better than Vodacom in Oranjezicht – pretty constant 3G signal.
  • My nearest MyCITI bus stop is Montrose on the 103 route. I’m going to try it soon – for Pete.
  • Friday, breakfast at Lazari’s with Georg, UK visa office visit (no luck – so not going to London for the Startupbootcamp pitch day), watched some cricket, housewarming drinks: Aiden came over, Paul joined us, Power and the Glory, a drink with Dan.
  • Saturday, watched Mimic again, ended up giving away my two Kinky Disco tickets and had a beer at Van Hunks with Etienne and Grant.
  • Sunday, frozen Margaritas at Van Hunks (again) with Georg and Paul, Rafiki’s with Paul, Tori and Sean – the housewarming weekend may have gotten a bit long.
  • Getting a bit nervous about AfrikaBurn planning.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.