Quick Update

The week before the Burn…

Lions Head
Lions Head
  • This post is very late, for good reason. The week of 21 to 27 April.
  • Monday, public holiday (Family Day) with Mia and Francis, Waterfront to get an iPad cover, we tried the whole range of Tom Ford fragrances, I got a new pair of (green) sunglasses, green tea Myog (frozen yoghurt), Peter’s House for a short film screening – meetup for kids going to AfrikaBurn, a quick visit to Burnside Road Park, dropped Mia and Francis at Naulene’s house, bumped into Tammy at the 24h Engen (the centre of Cape Town), a drink at Van Hunks with Georg and Henk.
  • Not a revolution yet, but seems the weekly update idea is getting around.
  • Mia asked if she can move to Cape Town. Naulene does not seem to like the idea – not until Grade 8.
  • Tuesday, up early, photo processing and blogging, sent the photo iPad via PostNet, visited Werner – fetched Mia’s laptop (for EV3 programming), Stellenbosch gym, sauna (pool was full – grr), dropped off some docs, failed Lions Head walk with Henk – too windy and cold, but got a photo of a rainbow (see above), AfrikaBurn planning at Sgt Peppers in Long Street with Paul and Ben… pizza special night (2 for 1) – very good pizza.
  • “Can you rent a tree?” — Ben

  • I’ve noticed I get pretty grumpy if I don’t swim or walk up a mountain for a few days.
  • Tune of the week: Walls, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, sauna, Twenty Fifty visit, bought Mia an AfrikaBurn ticket (for all of R23), The Pot Luck Club with Cath… the Blood Orange sorbet with Campari was pretty special, listened to Pachelbel’s Canon at top volume driving up the hills of Oranjezicht (a recording I picked up at Artscape the week before – a bit faster than the version I really like, but it had to do), a Campari and some dark chocolate at home.
  • Note to self: invite Cath to the next ballet outing.
  • Thursday, gym, swim, sauna, green smoothie, dropped off some money for our AfrikaBurn stretch tent in Epping, watched Mia’s hockey matches against Lochnerhof (in Strand), she played for the A and B team and scored two goals, we went shopping for AfrikaBurn camping gear and clothes – got her two onesies, dropped Mia at Naulene’s house.
  • How many startup ideas in your notes? I kinda have 14 – added two this week.
  • I think my primary AfrikaBurn project this year is… taking Mia to AfrikaBurn.
  • Friday, mild AfrikaBurn planning panic, Wembley square – managed to get a fair bit of admin done, got an entry level 29inch mountain bike with disk brakes from Action Cycling in Loop street (my first bike since Aug 2010), went for a sunset walk around our back yard – down Rugby Road towards Higgovale, big Chinese supper at Royo on Kloof with Georg, Van Hunks – seems we now have private parking next to Asoka.
  • Studio Ghibli 8-Bit Tributes – so cool.
  • Georg recently told me a story about Anton not having a TV as a child. His dad brought home a microwave oven one day and the children were so excited about getting a ~TV. He felt so bad that he went back to the shop and got a TV. Since then, when I work with Android devices I think about that microwave.
  • “You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. Before you looms one of the most complex and utterly intimidating systems ever written.” — The Linux Installation and Getting Started guide. We used this on the brochure for the 1st LUG meeting we organised in Stellenbosch. I was reminded of this when packing for the Burn (“is it a virus, a drug, or a religion?”).

  • Saturday, AfrikaBurn shopping session with Georg, New School Grand Cru Chardonnay festival at Moreson (yes, the bubbly was also Chardonnay) with Georg and Paul – awesome afternoon, nice light for sunset photos… happy I took my 85mm, good to see Nikki – it’s been too long, she introduced us to “The Nikki Zippo”, soundtrack to the drive home: Pachebel, Groovenator and Alt-J, photo processing while Georg played his latest mixes.
  • Paul has a bag of over the counter meds in his car that will make any hypochondriac feel right at home at AfrikaBurn.
  • Theme for the last few weeks: focus on one investor, opportunity or girl, at a time.
  • “With the truth so dull and depressing, the only working alternative is wild bursts of madness and filigree.” — Hunter S. Thompson

  • Sunday, Georg gave me a lift to Obs to fetch a Hundai H1, quick AfrikaBurn planning meeting with Ben and breakfast at the Spur in Somerset Mall, more last minute shopping, got Mia a purple Casio watch with a light (as requested) for AfrikaBurn… every geeky kid needs a Casio watch – good memories, Strand beach walk, fetched Mia and her bicycle, drove to Cape Town and did some packing for eight
    days in the desert.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.