Quick Update

AfrikaBurn, done and dusted…


  • Monday, a last cycle around AfrikaBurn while Paul finished packing, we visited the post apocalyptic padstal for some curry and rice… hit the spot, Ceres for a Steers burger, dropped Paul off in Stellenbosch, drove to Cape Town, took two baths and a shower, crashed into bed.
  • Mild “I did not take enough photos at the Burn” regrets, not as bad as last year. I managed to get (keep) 262 photos vs last year’s 40.
  • “An itch. It is small and it is fragile and it is the only thing in the world worth having.” ~- V for Vendetta, actually that’s not the real quote, I changed one letter, but I like it more.

  • Tuesday, unpacked the car, omtelette, 6th conference call / interview at Wembley Square, dropped off the rental van, btw. support kibarentals.co.za.
  • I’ve managed to reduce salads to only three essential ingredients: avo, tomato, protein (tuna).
  • Wednesday, up early, elections holiday, spent about an hour writing one email, breakfast at Caprice – two poached eggs and a big omelette… protein craving, voted at the Camps Bay Club, fetched Mia and Francis, spent most of the afternoon on Strand Beach… soft serve, a walk, finding and playing with Hermit Crabs and drawing on the sand, dropped the girls off, red wine and photo processing.
  • I took four cameras to AfrikaBurn – the photo processing took a while.
  • Thursday, theme camp photo processing, moar AfrikaBurn cleaning, fetched Mia from school, cold and windy hockey match vs Beaumont – they lost their games, Mia played defense for the first time… which is no fun for the photographer, but it was an exciting game to watch – it may have been Naulene’s first time at one of Mia’s hockey matches, birthday party gift shopping, epic scones and Chai lattes while doing homework and talking hockey strategy, took Mia back to Naulene’s house, drove back in a crazy rain storm singing along to Ben Harper’s Amen Omen about five times – beautiful song, photo processing.
  • “I still hear you saying: all of life is chance, and is sweetest, it is sweetest when at a glance.” — Ben Harper, Amen Omen.

  • Friday, still cleaning up and dusting stuff after he Burn, last minute Sparkup entry (more about this next week), a phone call from NY – good news, red wine and pizza at Johann and Victoria’s with Janey and Tasha – they showed me the first aquaponics farm… very cool.
  • The Friday after AfrikaBurn seems to be pretty lucky – last year we won Seedstars World Cape Town. This year we get to visit London in the summertime.
  • Saturday, fetched Mia from a sleepover party in Erinvale, a quick visit to Lourensford and Morgenster, a late breakfast at Stables at Vergelegen with Dirk… we bumped into Will and met the twins (Olivia and Thomas), a long walk around Vergelegen taking photos… dreamy afternoon, fish and chips at Trawlers in Gordon’s Bay, fetched Mia’s AfrikaBurn camera from Naulene, back to Cape Town, we took a walk around the (pretty empty) Molteno reservoir, photo processing, bath, aquaponics reading, sleep.
  • Sunday, Kalk Bay outing with Mia and Georg, Nutella crepes for breakfast, a Lion Heart Lager (Kings Craft beer) at The Brass Bell, walked to the lighthouse, fish and chips at Kalky’s, some random window shopping, took Mia to her gran’s house – so she could give her mom all 11 of her Mothers’s day gifts… including a Sweet Love Cinema Tshirt from AfrikaBurn, Nougat and 3 cards, burger special night (and Jack Black – nice pairing) at Van Hunks… the very friendly waitress was there again, photo processing – pretty happy with the weekend’s photos.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.