Quick Update

2nd last week in Cape Town for a while…

  • Monday, pizza for breakfast, blogging, gym, swim, a quick visit to Crossley & Webb (cars), Twenty Fifty, afternoon walk to Higgovale, email catch up at The Odyssey wine bar, watched Cosmos and a show about the Mars Curiosity Rover.
  • It seems it’s better to deflate your tires when driving to AfrikaBurn than inflating them (as suggested by the survival guide).
  • Stating the obvious, but I’m very happy to be in Cape Town right now.
  • I must be one of the top wifi users at the Virgin Active hotspots.
  • Tuesday, early morning walk through Higgovale, Trek rd, Kloof Nek and back, gym, Twenty Fifty – had a moment about the bad internet in Cape Town and ended up phoning the city of Cape Town CIO – good chat, burger in a bowl with Georg at Da Vinci’s, nice Silicon Cape meetup at Twenty Fifty… met one of the guys from SendGrid, watched Superbad… reminded me of nights staying up late chatting with my cousin, funny movie.
  • Wednesday, got up early and wrote a blog post about the bad service from the muppets who were supposed to set up our AfrikaBurn stretch tent, gym, swim, watched Mia’s netball game… they won, she scored two goals, fresh juices and homework with Mia at W Cafe, dropped off some more KYC docs, sunset walk around Oranjezicht with Georg, I made a vegetable soup, photo processing.
  • Note to self: indoor sports photography with a f/2.8 lens does not work very well – you only get about 320th of a sec at 2500 ISO.
  • I think my hair is probably the longest it’s been in about 10 years – it’s still pretty short.
  • We’re busy fighting a bit of a battle to get Mia to avoid the bread (and golden syrup) at school. We had a few chats about sugar.
  • Thursday, gym, swim, sauna, awesome pulled pork tacos at The Yard, Twenty Fifty, watched a very rainy hockey match with Georg and Naulene… Mia’s team lost 3-0, but it was a pretty good game – I suspect the other team’s coach actually plays hockey, dropped Mia off at art class, early supper, back to Twenty Fifty for a PR telecon with people from the US, Luxembourg and the UK, Van Hunks with Georg.
  • “The fears you do not face become your walls.”

  • Friday, gym, minor car windscreen repair in the parking lot (after the Cederberg trip) – kinda educational, swim, sauna, Twenty Fifty, managed to find some accommodation for Wacky Wine Weekend , fetched Mia after Mtech, we picked up some biltong, we synchronised our watches (to ntp time), dinner at Victoria and Johann’s, (new and improved) aquaponics farm demo… I tasted some of the micro herbs, Gnocchi with rocket (from the aquaponics farm) and cream, salad, Lego building and chats about Canada’s startup funding, great pecan nut cheese cake which Victoria made, dark chocolate and red wine. Thanks V & J.
  • Saturday, I made omelettes, OZCF market with Mia and Georg, hot chocolate at Will’s Cafe, a pleasant rainy walk back home, watched the end of Ratatouille… epic ending, had me a bit misty eyed (again), Mia played some Monkey Island 1 (again), smoothies at Wellness Warehouse, booked a flight to London and back (9 June to 30 Sept), some Myog, Promenade walk, gave Mia a quick tour of Nettleton road on the way to Johann and Victoria’s, dropped Mia and her laptop (and EV3) off, Lean Startup Machine workshop… impressive number of people (100ish), thanks for the t-shirt, I came up with one pretty good disruptive startup idea after talking to four of the teams, fetched Mia who was busy playing Monkey Island with Victoria (her new hero).
  • Mia has been correcting my pronunciation of the word “water” recently, seems I was saying Wa-de, when I should be saying Wa-ter – I blame Paul. I think I’ve been rehabilitated.
  • Sunday, Market on the Wharf (Waterfront)… schwarma, we shared a crepe for dessert, shoe shopping for Mia, Kirstenbosch visit – we took a few levitation jump photos on the new treetop canopy walkway (Die Boomslang)… impressive construction, sunset Strand Beach walk, early supper at W Cafe… we played some Monster Physics on Mia’s iPad, dropped Mia at her mom’s, a glass of red at La Parada in Bree Street with Georg and some blogging, driving home up the hill I thought – I’ve almost lived in Oranjezicht for it to feel like home, photo processing and backups.
  • Note to self: we should try some levitation photos in London.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.