Quick Update

London: too much time to think while walking everywhere…

Summer vibes outside a pub in Blackfriars
Summer vibes outside a pub in Blackfriars
  • This post is a bit late, it’s from the week of 21 to 27 July.
  • Monday, opened a personal back account at Lloyds – seems to be the one with the least KYC issues, pitch practice day, took a long walk along Regent Canal to Victoria park – to be honest I was a bit tired of Techstars and I needed to figure out how to make it fun again.
  • I always thought I’d be a journalist if I was born 100 years ago (before the current tech industries were an option). Greg said something interesting in his founders story last week. When you ask a writer: “Why do you do it?”… they usually say: “I just have to.” – being a writer or an entrepreneur is often frustrating and painful – but some people just don’t know what else to do.
  • Tuesday, Techstars office hours, general plotting, planning and reading, long’ish meeting with Greg, researched 3- and 4-party payment systems, we found a pretty good non-hipster pizza place around Hoxton.
  • Wednesday, Jacques got back from Italy, CEO group meeting with Alick from Osper… very cool product, Skype chat with Pieter in Bali about new Bitcoin payment tech, Techstars office hours, salad, pasta and a 5GBP bottle of Californian Merlot.
  • I came up with a business idea for Mia – kinda like The Royal Tenenbaums dalmatian mice – I still need to tell her about it.
  • “When I’m not at Burning Man, I do the tech accelerator circuit.” — little inside joke from the office this week.

  • Thursday, Techstars ~photo shoot, admin and more admin (updated some domains and an SSL cert), registered TrustFabric Limited (UK) and Gust Payments Limited (UK), Techstars KPI evening, upgraded and backed up two Linodes (free upgrade, 64bit, double the memory and space now).
  • It costs 20GBP to register a company in the UK, takes 4 hours.
  • Friday, VC meeting, business banker meeting, a beer with Sonja (who I have not seen in ages) and Jacques near Blackfriars – nice summer vibe out side the pub (see photo above), attended my first Silicon Drinkabout at Bold Rocket near Old Street… good fun, free (MVPA) beer – I can see where Paul Carr got his material, doner kebab wrap with Jacques, black cab home, Werner showed Jacques a few judo moves – which we watched on the building’s CCTV system the next day… Jacques actually won the hallway battle when Werner’s arms were tied behind his back.
  • London is Coruscant.
  • Jacques’ 40Mbps fibre turned out to be VDSL / FTTC (fibre to the curb). False advertising if you ask me.
  • Saturday, I now almost have a proof of address in the UK – my Lloyds bank (contactless-less) debit card arrived, Jacques made breakfast, kinda watched some Game of Thrones S4 while tinkering with LinkedIn, a braai at the warehouse with Werner and Jacques, 10h sleep.
  • It was time to update my LinkedIn profile, here is the new upgraded one. 840 connections now. Still can’t say I like using it, but maybe it needs a bit more attention in future.
  • Sunday, Brick Lane Market adventure with Ashley and Olivia, browsed some vinyl and bought a vintage 70s Hawaiian shirt, my first English BBQ around the Leytonstone area, Skype chat with Mia, Jan arrived in London, a beer with Jan and Werner at The Old Blue Last, walked home, a New York hot dog with mustard and sauerkraut at Red Dog American Sandwiches around Shoreditch with Jacques followed by a drink at The Blues Kitchen.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.