Quick Update

A braai in London…

London Braai
London Braai
  • Monday, first day Jan joined us in the office (you can expect a new version of the GUST Pay/PayPoint apps soon), quick Skype chat with Mia, very pretty sunset walk along the Regent Canal towards Islington, Jacques and I made stir fry.
  • Week 7 of Techstars (week 6 for us), week 6 of trying to get a UK bank account opened for Gust.
  • Tuesday, Skype meeting with Jon from the Techstars London programme, a curry in Whitechapel with Jan and Werner, the rest of the day pretty much sucked while I pulled out my hair trying to get a bank account open and finishing the admin crap to try and get access to our Techstars investment – add to that we had some more bad news about our visa requirements to get the UK Tier1 Entrepreneur visas – a blog post with hints and tips about avoiding this stuff to follow soon.
  • I have this theory that Skype chats should be capped at 20min, even though they are free.
  • Wednesday, important meeting with Barclaycard Spain and Portugal in Canary Wharf with Jan and Werner, afternoon Skype chat with Mia, worked late – email scrubbing.
  • I did a 30min pitch for a room full of bankers today – exco of two European countries. Made me think of this quote: “The way it works is, you do the thing you’re scared shitless of, and you get the courage AFTER you do it, not before you do it.” — Archie Gates, Three Kings.
  • Starting a company from scratch in a different country involves a fair bit of new things to learn and figure out.
  • Boy bands and tech-idols – Jacques’ latest series of morning jokes about tech startups.
  • Thursday, video production meeting, mentoring call with Mike, KPI evening, more than one beer at the local pub (The White Heart) with Nick and the guys from 90seconds.tv.
  • “Africa for beginners.” — Georgi about South Africa.

  • Friday, (mildly hung over) pitch planning session with Greg, more bank account red tape, Brainstorm magazine interview, Skype meeting (to Canada) about NFC devices with David, mentoring meeting with Brian, Silicon Drinkabout… a bit lame and nerdy this week, walked home and had a long chat with Jacques covering topics like the Israel conflict, a comprehensive bible history lesson and the Stonecutters 2012 Olympic symbols, The Haggerston pub in Dalston, now we know their closing time.
  • Mia was named Artist of the Week for her “The Firebird” painting in the school newsletter.
  • Saturday, breakfast with Jacques around Islington, epic nap, braai with Jacques, Werner and Kevin (who was 9yo, when living in Berlin, the wall came down) at the warehouse with some 5GBP Californian Merlot, had banana cooked in its skin for the first time, chilli butter corn on the cob on the braai, a guy from the guitar workshop next door played some Bob Dylan for us: You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go – love this version, we watched Forrest Gump again… (sorry of a guy getting out of the friend zone), watched The Matrix Reloaded – good entertainment, all in all a great summers day.
  • Turns out Jacques is officially counted as being of Jedi religious beliefs – in the UK.
  • Watch this: “…they live under a rain cloud and their idea of gourmet food is Marmite.” — about London

  • Sunday, I made breakfast, watched Food Inc.… good movie – pretty scary, afternoon at the office, a sunset jog along Regent Canal to Angel, Jacques made pasta, kinda watched City of God… crazy movie.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.