Quick Update

Back to Cape Town…

Van Hunks, Cape Town
Van Hunks, Cape Town
  • Week of 25-31 August, Techstars week 11.
  • Monday, rainy bank holiday in London, made breakfast with Jacques, bus ride and delayed (first hand luggage only international) flight to Cape Town – extra hour of people watching and trying fragrances in the duty free shops – still like Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, mild panic – at least 6 movies I wanted to see on the plane and I knew I could only fit in 4, watched Divergent.. good movie, and Captain America: Winter Soldier… not bad – big Snowden theme, BA now lets you watch movies even as the plane is busy landing.
  • Kinda ironic that pretty soon the web (and money) will be decentralised and most sane governments and their people will run Linux rather than MS/Apple OS – all thanks to the NSA.
  • “Pocket does not work for Preppers.” — Jacques, about his doomsday / Survivalism news reading habits.

  • Home is where your toothbrush charger is.
  • Tuesday, woke up somewhere over Africa, Georg fetched me from the airport, good to be back in Cape Town (after being in London for just over two months, nice to drive my car again, fetched Mia from school, great to see her again (5 weeks later), I arrive at Mia’ hockey practice and Mia is the girl playing hockey in her black school shoes… makes me wonder what disasters I’m not seeing, shoe shopping – got her some teal green Adidas trail runners and ended up getting some new Nike’s for myself, Mia assembled her new Kano computer and I gave her the 3D printed models she asked for (letters of her name and the Vader ring), took Mia to swimming lessons… they are learning to swim butterfly at the moment.
  • Managed to get Naulene an early birthday gift (CK fragrance from duty free), no limes to be found in the Gardens Centre (again!), made some Tanqueray Ten with (home made) mint and lemon grass infused Tonic G&Ts (and biltong – best of both worlds), Van Hunks with Georg and Bianca… who seems to be doing well after a recent breakup, she enjoyed the Albanian story, we sent Andrew a photo of the three of us (see above)… to China where it was 3am.
  • Wednesday, woke up in Oranjezicht, rainy day in Cape Town, snuggled under a duvet trying to catch up with work, alarm starts beeping, no power, walk down the road in the rain to get Vodacom 3G signal, figure out Standard Bank changed their whole app, walk back to get bank card, 20 questions later buy electricity, figure out the meter is actually off, discover there was a planned power outage and for bonus points try and figure out how to get my car out of the garage and gate with the power off, gym, swim, sauna, teleconference to London, Van Hunks with Georg, Tanya (the friendly waitress), Jessica and Wouter – try the ribs there.
  • Wouter is keen to do Burning Man 2015.
  • Thursday, made a 10 egg breakfast, Georg gave me a lift to fetch my car, gym, fetched Mia from school, we got Mia a new swimsuit, took Mia to art class, took Mia to swimming lessons, burger in a bowl at Da Vinci’s with Michael – who switched to the Dvorak keyboard layout recently (legend), kinda watched The General’s Daughter again.
  • “Ek verkies eintlik om te stap.” — Georg, about the times he chooses to leave his car at Van Hunks.

  • Generally feeling a lot better after I changed by diet, started cooking at home much more and getting more exercise.
  • Friday, gym, carpet cleaner day, fetched Mia from school and went to convince her school’s headmaster that I can install Kano at aftercare (very cool guy, also talked about using DuckDuckGo and not Google), fetched HDMI screen from storage, T10 and a leg of lamb roast and a lot of veggies, failed at getting the Raspberry Pi to use RCA video (screen did not have a power cable).
  • Not going to miss the poor GSM signal in Oranjezicht – which Vodacom was going to have fixed two months ago.
  • Saturday, morning cartoons, some packing (Georg was moving out), Oranjezicth City Farm visit – fresh juices and a green smoothie, drove to Kalk Bay via Boyes drive with Mia, book shop browsing, charcuterie platter and a glass of Chardonnay in the (almost Spring) sun at The Annex, a walk around the harbour, back to the (Kalk Bay) guest house to meet Johannes and Victoria, sunset Hendriks G&T’s with cucumber at Harbour House, back to the The Annex for supper… very nice Yellowtail and Sutherland Pinot Noir, sing along session to the Matilda soundtrack at home.
  • Sunday, woke up in Kalk Bay, breakfast at Olympia Cafe with Mia, Johann and Victoria, awesome weather, a walk along the harbour and up to St James (Danger Beach), cinnamon and pistachio ice cream at the local ice cream shop, drove to Builder’s Warehouse (singing along to Patricia – Chris de Burgh) to get a kettle cord for for an LCD/HDMI screen to get Kano working – gave Mia the full Kano/Linux experience – it failed to boot – ended up mounting the file system from my Mac and deleting a lock file it was complaining about but the whole thing ended in a fsck that would not complete – joy, bumped into Lara, sunset walk around Kalk Bay, calamari and hake at The Brass Bell (right on the water – played with Hyperloop app), a stroll around the harbour, told Mia the story of how the harbour dolosse got their name, we shared a trio of sorbet and creme brulee desserts at Harbour House.
  • Farming is the new open source.
  • Mia can now count in Roman numerals and she knows all the months of the year.
  • Tune of the week: When I grow up. Great lyrics…

  • And when I grow up,
    I will eat sweets every day,
    On the way to work, and I will
    Go to bed late every night.
    And I will wake up
    When the sun comes up, and I
    Will watch cartoons until my eyes go square,
    And I won’t care ’cause I’ll be all grown up.

    I will have treats every day,
    And I’ll play with things that mum pretends
    That mums don’t think are fun.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.