Quick Update

Beer for breakfast…

Watching rugby in London
Watching rugby in London
  • Week of 1-7 September, Techstars week 12.
  • Monday, woke up in Kalk Bay – and not feeling tired! – first day of Spring, 30deg, great weather, Vishoek beach breakfast with Mia and walked the Jager trail along the sea – pretty spectacular walk, drove to Simon’s Town and showed Mia the Just Nuisance statue (the dog), Bolders Beach lookout to see some penguins and a quick beach visit, drove to Noordhoek via Kommetjie and had lunch at Cafe Roux, scenic drive to Somerset West via the coastal road, dropped Mia off at her mom’s house, processed some email at the Stellenbosch gym… full of Spring fitness energy, gym, swim, a sunset walk around Stellenbosch, a glass of wine at Piet’s house, great dinner (the usual medium rare Filet Bernaise) with Al and Paul at Hussar Grill… Paul treated us with a great selection of wine, night cap it Balboa with Al – some plans are in the works for Groovy Troopers in November – good memories of Nov 2012.
  • Seems Mia is past the phase of making car sing along videos, sadly.
  • “What did you do to make GUST better in London?” — Mia

  • At some point at Monday’s dinner I got up and went to go ask the loud American tourist next to us if he ever stops talking. It did not help and I just felt a bit bad about this the next day.
  • Al is moving to Cape Town – Thibault Square branch for work.
  • I now have two Telegram apps – one for each of my mobile numbers, pretty lame.
  • I suspect my plan with giving Mia a Casio watch is working well – she now knows every feature and keeps on setting alarms for events.
  • Paul found his (new) bike from AfrikaBurn – turns out Daniel had it. The boomerang bike.
  • Constant battle to keep email in one screen while trying to take some time off is not really a break at all.
  • Tuesday, woke up at Paul’s house in Stellenbosch, last minute rush to get a few things done with a mild headache, swim, sauna, last minute shopping, Mxit visit (to dd new Kanux image to an SD card)… nice to see Gavin, installed Kano at Mia’s school but there is some weird HDMI issue that creates a snowwy image on the screen, dropped Mia at Naulene’s house and said goodbye, Paul gave me a lift to the airport and we had a cool chat about girls – thanks Paul, the low-carb Spur experience, picked up some Sennheiser MM 550-X noise cancelling head phones (over the ear, Bluetooth – no cord for Mia to run over with my chair again), minor moral dilemma about buying Jacques duty free cigarettes, flight to London, watched Xmen Days of Future Past, watched the new Robocop, meh.
  • You know you travel too much when you specifically look for things like hair gel and mouth wash in less than 100ml containers. Great job guys – we live in an age where you can 3D print a weapon, but you can’t take sunscreen on a flight.
  • I’ve progressed to gluten-free meals on flights and having a selection of travel plugs. Now I just need the Tumi bag.
  • Wednesday, woke up somewhere over Europe, watched Fading Gigilo – good movie if you like Woody Allen, long UK border queue (listening to Neelix) – thankfully no snags, Heathrow Express and a District line ride to Whitechapel, day at the office, conference call, my Contactless Barclaycard arrived (small win), a glass of red wine with Werner at Duke’s sharing some war stories and wisdoms about the Techstars experience, had the better part of a bottle of Argentinian Malbec (which hurt a bit the next day) with Jacques.
  • I think I’ve given up on living anywhere in particular, London, Stellenbosch, Cape Town – as long as I have my laptop and gym bag and some sense of routine.
  • Thursday, woke up in London, I’ve become that guy that reads all the labels of the yoghurt to see which one has the least sugar inside, Smiley (old school friend) randomly contacted me on FB – he’s now living in Budapest (one less Dvorak typer in SA), business card design, pitch demo discussions, pitch practice, cool founder stories session with Mick from spatch.co.
  • The solution to just about everything: eat better, get more exercise and work harder.
  • There seems to be a fair number of people leaving the major startup ecosystems for places like Berlin. Cheaper. Good value. I think Cape Town really needs to market itself in this space.
  • Jacques on prepping: things you really need in your bunker: Prozac (like 3 million Americans), whiskey and baked beans.
  • Friday, CEO session with Alex from Hassle.com in Vauxhaul, Macbook PSU died, got a new one, admin and paperwork, after work drinks at Microsoft Ventures and an interesting chat with Brian about PayPass ideas, a Hospital Porter beer at the White Heart Brew Pub with Werner and Brian, low carbed the eat as much as you can Red Dragon Chinese buffet, babies don’t sleep this well.
  • Noticed I’m a co-working space front page model: The Escalator, TwentyFifty.
  • Saturday, watched the rugby with Jacques and Werner at The Hanbury Arms (only 4 people in the pup, incl staff), braai at the warehouse… we made V for Vendetta eggs in peppers on the braai with some more Argentinian Malbec, braai broodjies, we played with Bruce the local dog, epic nap (over slept a bit), bus ride to Dalston with Jacques and Werner, drinks at Ashley and Angelo’s house… gave her a chilli pot plant, awesome (9 GBP) gin cocktails at Dalston Street Feast Gin Bar… Hendrick, Campari, Vermouth and champagne.
  • Dakota Indian tribal wisdom on project management.
  • “Hoe lank is Obama nog af?” — Jacques about Habanna.

  • After visiting the epicenter of London Hipster culture (Dalston Street Feast) we figured Jacques needed to go full hipster – he wanted the Brandon Flowers look, so we started shaving his hair – he was not that impressed the next day, but it was pretty funny.
  • “Now I just need to look like my mom dressed me for Sunday school.” — Jacques about going full hipster.

  • Mia spent the weekend with Victoria and Johann making a volcano experiment for her show and tell talk. Thanks guys! Also thanks to Georg for the travel. Naulene was not very happy with this arrangement, but I guess she never really enjoyed science experiments.
  • Sunday, I made a ten egg breakfast, gym, swim, sauna, steam bath, spa, walked around the Angel Carnival with Jacques, Turkish mixed grill at Cafe Gallipoli in Islington, we watched Lucy in 4K on-3D… very entertaining.
  • Noise cancelling earphones don’t really work so well on the power plate machine.
  • Jacques says his landlord likes to reminding the German tenants that their grandparents bombed the warehouse in World War 2 when they complain about their roof leaking.
  • Tune of the week: Black Keys, Gotta Get Away

Have a fun week, crazy kids.