Quick Update

    Making a pitch deck…

    The Techstars demo day clock
    The Techstars demo day clock
  • Week of 8-14 September, Techstars week 13.
  • Monday, up early, cycled to gym, swim, presentation tinkering, wrote a proposal and made another presentation, Doner kebab wrap with Ashley at their local Turkish food place in Dalston, played PC support guy – it’s pretty sad to see malware on a Mac – I think I have a better under standing of how people’s online accounts get “hacked” now.
  • Tuesday, cycled to gym, swim, Barclaycard workshop, pitch design session with Barclays designers, watched a bit of the Apple keynote about Apple Pay.
  • If you are into wearables and payments this was a big day. A few very interesting conversations followed.
  • “Please send to Gmail & let me know Telegram is coming.” — this is what I get back when asking for quicker than 5 day responses to text messages.

  • Wednesday, cycled to gym, swim, speed dressing session after the fire alarm went off at gym, good meeting with Reinier, set up gustlabs.com domain (with wifi between stations) on the train to a braai with Nikki around Fulham, ended up at The Slug in Fulham with Charley, Casey and Nikki, general mayhem, memorable kiss, great fun.
  • Nikki changed her mind about AfrikaBurn and Burning Man and came up with a very cool theme camp idea – Vegas Wedding Chapel.
  • Thursday, finished reading the Techstars book on a (bit hung over) long train ride to the Mastercard issuer workshop at the Rain Making Loft… very cool, took a walk across Tower Bridge, Techstars KPI evening, a glass of wine with Jacques, photo processing – I was way behind.
  • Some people meditate – I sort photos and swim.
  • Friday, cycled to gym, very optimistic (for a change) catch-up meeting with Greg, Mia gave her (Volcano) science experiment talk, noise cancelling earphones in an open plan office rock, Skype chat with Mia – her experiment talk went very well, installed Wunderlist again, Ethereum meetup at The Escalator… a bit lame, a beer with Julian at The White Heart pub… he has 7 children age range 31 to 1.
  • Looks like we may need to spend more time in Amsterdam soon.
  • Listen to this – good memories!
  • Adventures are the best way to learn.
  • Saturday, up early, bus ride to Tower Bridge, beer and rugby for breakfast with Werner at Belushi’s in the Dugout… cool place, Jacques arrived just as the game ended, a quick walk through Borough Market, day at the office, pitch design with Brian and Werner (Brian is a legend – the pitch deck is taking shape), pub food at The White Heart, some French Grenache with Green and Black dark chocolate, updated my blog for the first time in about 6 weeks.
  • “Sien jou by die gym.” — Jacques-speak for not going to gym.

  • Sunday, I made a ten egg breakfast with broccoli, had to listen to Jacques talk about his Sunday bible studies – which he calls “spiritual studies”, cycled to gym, another day at the office… some tinkering with iMovie to make short videos for our pitch deck, more French Grenache and dark chocolate and catching up on blogging while watching Donnie Darko again… don’t think I lasted till the end of the movie.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.