Quick Update

Barclays Demo Day in Canary Wharf…

Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf
  • I know, I know – a post that’s actually on time, it’s been a while.
  • Week of 15-21 September, Techstars week 14.
  • Monday, cycled to gym, swim, took some pitch deck photos (hand model) at Haggerston station and the Tesco next door (turns out I actually needed a permit), our Sparklabs money cleared in our account, ordered some wristbands, our pitch deck now includes a slide from Falling Down… it’s a bit hit and miss, but the people who get it love it, catch-up with Frank, pitch practice afternoon – nobody liked my idea of using Take Five as an intro song, pizza night at the cafe below the office, worked on the pitch deck and re-did the video for our deck, zombie mode train ride home, managed to finish a blog post, crashed.
  • “Jazz is the big brother of Revolution. Revolution follows it around.” — Miles Davis
  • Note to self: watch Falling Down again.
  • “Opstaan tyd is ‘n lekker lekker tyd.” — Jacques

  • Project Kano stalled: HDMI and SD card issues caused the school IT guy to kinda give up.
  • Tuesday, the tube went Contactless from today, productive Barclays design office workshop – the VRM ideas are progressing, worked on new business cards and a new corp ID for GUST Labs, lunch with Cath at The Photographer’s Gallery in Soho… nice to catch up – I bought Mia a photo book about “East London Swimmers” – awesome little project (would love to do something similar), rushed to 1CP (Barclays head office in Canary Wharf) for pitch rehearsal – good fun, Techstars team beers in Canary Wharf at Rocket bar – there was a moment I felt the relentless Techstars washing machine finally got out of the spin cycle and started to relax, train ride home, my proof of address finally arrived (posted bank statements) so I could open a Bitcoin exchange account, managed to finish a blog post sipping some Argentinian Malbec.
  • Less haste. More speed.
  • For the record, Jacques and Werner have been screening my recent blog posts.
  • Wednesday, dark chocolate for breakfast, signed up for Audible and started listening to Eat Move Sleep, our wristbands arrived and I ordered some (very last minute) Moo.com business cards – including a batch of Luxe cards, some pitch (driving) practice, proposal writing, upgraded to iOS8 (the whole journey home – painfully slow).
  • Funny how the tangent projects while in Techstars seem to be getting a lot of interest.
  • Note from Mia’s teacher: “Mia does, however, need to learn to work a bit more harmoniously in a team / group situation and consider that others views might be different, and in some cases better, than hers. On one occasion she walked off and did the task on her own rather than work with her group.” …Jacques’ comment was: “your clone is progressing well.”
  • Thursday, Scottish independence vote day (…No), swim, sauna, my first Contactless overground train ride to work, typed up two proposal docs, audio book train ride to Camden to get 4 very last minute GUST tshirts printed at a place called “Big Teezar” – discovered a paleo street food stand called FeedMePrimal (Meatballs with Spiced & Riced Cauliflower), found a ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 tshirt at the Camden market, tube ride to Shoreditch Boxpark, fetched some very last minute business cards (not totally happy with them, but good enough), popped into a BlockStock (bitcoin festival) talk around Hoxton Square, bought my 2nd beer (Kronenbourg 1664) with Bitcoin at Zigfrid & Underbelly… felt like a celebrity – all the staff gathered to watch a Bitcoin payment in action (got a photo), popped into makersCAFE on the way home and heard about Pi-Top, beef ribs and pulled pork feast and Hendricks G&Ts with cucumber at Duke’s Brew with Werner and Jacques (this turned out to be less than smart idea – future Joe’s worries) – I remember they played a few Catatonia songs, a night cap and pitch practicing shenanigans till 0:30ish.
  • Too Awesome: Pi-Top, The 3D Printable build it yourself Raspberry Pi Laptop.
  • Note to self: go visit the Camden market more often – very cool vibe.
  • I actually started looking at the iOS8 Health app after listening to EAT MOVE SLEEP – you need to take 10k steps per day, kids.
  • “Everytime an iOS app crashes, somebody is accessing your iCloud.”, “Religion is like Bitcoin, you can always start your own blockchain.” some morning wisdom from the warehouse.

  • Seem I will be the one straight best man (of three) at Ernst’s wedding. Got an email from the group starting with “Darlings, Outfit: check”…
  • Friday, up at 6:00, Barclays Accelerator internal demo day at 1CP, I think all the teams nailed it – very cool morning, nice vibe, some networking and snacks, a few Kozel (Czech) beers at Via Bar Canary Wharf – great autumn afternoon with the Techstars teams (best social so far), nice chats with Deddy, Pieter and the Scandinavians, sunset DLR ride back home… very pretty concrete jungle golden hour, crashed at 21:00ish, 12hour sleep.
  • Saturday, I made the usual ten egg paleo breakfast with some avo and chillies while kinda watching Ender’s Game again, watched some Top Gear… the ones about Chinese and SAAB cars were hilarious, processed some notes and photos, finally up to date with my weekly blog again, walked to gym along the Regent’s Canal, longer than usual swim, sauna, spa, steam room, Green & Black’s and Grenache and blogging.
  • It’s getting darker earlier in London.
  • Did I mention that the gym lets you swim without a swim cap in London? – pretty cool.
  • I’ve lost about 5kg since I stopped eating random junk about a month ago.
  • “Anybody can pick up a golf bat and experience what it’s like being a free mason.” — Top Gear

  • The real challenge, is to see if I can extend my summer to 500 days.
  • I created a FB group for friends planning on going to Burning Man 2015. If you are a blog reader and keen and not yet in the group, please get in touch, you know who you are.
  • On Sunday morning Jacques gave up smoking, stopped drinking, started a paleo diet, stopped eating all sugar, committed to a regular gym routine. This happens most weeks.
  • “I have a lot of beliefs, and I live by none of them.” — Louis C.K.

  • Sunday, up early walked to gym, great 1k swim, I made some paleo mega burgers with Jacques, with Chardonnay, which – believe it or not – you can buy in the shops on a Sunday in some countries, we kinda watched Olympus Has Fallen… seemed like a North Korean propaganda movie, epic nap, watched some Louis C.K. on Netflix, watched August… pretty good.
  • The Joe diet: swim, eat meat, avos, veg, almonds, walk 10k steps per day – enjoy dark chocolate and wine.
  • This whole Techstars thing went past in a bit of a blur. I’m really missing Cape Town, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss London.
  • “I don’t do piracy.” — Jacques’ the moral high ground… ant hill.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.