Quick Update

Hello London, best Monday...

Camps Bay
  • Week of 27 Oct to 2 Nov.
  • Monday, up at 6:00, an early walk around Lions Head, a quick 1k swim, conversations around the pool with Nikki, my first Uber ride (I think), lunch at The Camps Bay Retreat with some Tokara Chardonnay... nice food, great views, a swim in the ~secret (and a bit squishy) rock pool, sunset Glen Beach / Camps Bay beach walk, an epic fillet braai at home with Georg, Dan, Michael and Nikki (who is on her way to attaining the wisdom of a 50 year old well ahead of schedule), perfect day.
  • I now have 11 Telegram contacts... mass-close-friend-migration.
  • A 50% match in top4 Wes Anderson movies. I might have to watch The Darjeeling Limited again.
  • Nice to be swimming more recently. All I want for xmas is a flow pool at home.
  • Tuesday, three cups of Earl Grey tea, braai meat for breakfast, 1k swim, Suicide Gorge planning, bacon and eggs at 3pm, quick Table Mountain hike with Georg, 10 minutes of packing, Georg dropped me off at the airport (thanks!), finally got a USB battery back from duty free - very useful for headphone charging, BA flight to London, watched 22 Jump Street... very funny.
  • It's been an eventful and exciting three weeks in Cape Town. Great fun. Big smile. Feeling at home in Cape Town and really enjoying the company of friends.
  • First overseas trip without packing my camera.
  • Safe to say KPI4 has been progressing well.
  • Wednesday, woke up at around 3:30 (London time) somewhere over Europe, minor UK Border snags (again!), arrived in London in winter with shorts and flip flops, MNO and travel card top-ups, watched two Cosmos episodes on the commute to the office, day at the Techstars office - catching up, lunch at The Chicken Shop down the road - felt right at home again and nice to be in working mode, it got dark at 16:45... crazy, started the day with about 200 emails, ended with about 100, catch-up dinner with Jacques at a Hoxton pub called Talbot.
  • "Do you remember Frogger?" -- Mutaz, as we crossed the 4 lane road to get some Indian food for lunch.

  • Jacques still does not have "fibre" broadband. EE let him know it's active but the ADSL line does not sync.
  • Happy to report Jacques has not been smoking (if you ignore the odd e-cigarette).
  • Neither Jacques nor I managed to get Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets. A bit weird, between us we bid for 12 tickets: 4 games * 3.
  • Tried to Skype with Mia on Wednesday but somehow the headphone jack broke off inside the iPad!? The two things that puzzle me about this: 1) Why would you take something to school which you knew was broken? 2) Why not just tell me it's broken.
  • Sunshine or fast internet? Can't seems to get both right at the moment.
  • Nice read: So What is FinTech?
  • Thursday, almonds and almond milk for breakfast, cleaned the cave to liveable standards - I'm pretty sure there was some recycling from my last visit, started listening to The Hard Thing About Hard Things on the way to the office... very good, very relevant, found an omellette shop near the office - wish I found that a long time ago, 6 GBP Pakistani barber haircut, catch up with Brian, ping pong match vs Lesya, audio book tube ride, a Kronenbourg with Jacques, watched the last episode of Cosmos - all misty eyed.
  • "There are only two emotions in startups: euphoria and terror." ~- from THTAHT

  • "Innovation requires a combination of knowledge, skill and courage." -- THTAHT

  • As Bill Murray says: being a swimwear model is all about drinking enough water.
  • Friday, breakfast with Jacques, audio book walk to the office via Brick Lane, day at the office, gruelling ping pong matches against Lesya, Max and Morgan and end of week Halloween beers around the office, two really amazing bottles of French and Spanish wine with Ashley at Sager + Wilde (Clos du Rouge Gorge jeunes Vignes 2012 and Gran Recosind Crianca) - really great little wine bar.
  • "Gullible is my first name." -- Ashley

  • "Nobody cares, just win." -- THTAHT

  • Safe to say I'm more of a Guy Fawkes fan than a Halloween guy.
  • The Hard Thing About Hard Things is a great book - it's hard being a tech founder CEO - but it's such an exciting and challenging and complex thing. It's a bit of a curse. Great to listen to all the wisdom from this book. You can tell they were all Unix geeks - they even mention LDAP in the book.
  • Getting a lot of questions about my tan in London.
  • Definitely some form of therapy in talking things through with Jacques - including global warming.
  • Saturday, photo processing, great weather for 1 November, a walk along the Regent's Canal with Jacques, olives and a pulled pork snacks at the Broadway Market, a stroll around London Fields park, watched Cosmos ep12 again with Jacques (the global warming one), epic nap, a visit to The O2 with Jacques, eat as much as you can paleo (meat) mission at Rodizio Rico, $5 shake with some Maker's Mark bourbon (which ended up being an $18 shake), kinda mis-timed watching Interstellar by a week, walked past the BTC ATM at Old Street Station, watched Savages via Amazon Prime... entertaining.
  • Jacques and I agree that Bitcoin adoption in London is seriously hampered by the hipster service ethic.
  • Sunday, I cooked an 8 egg paleo breakfast, helped Jacques clean the warehouse and threw away a lot of random crap - finally!, nap, swim and spa session, Sunday roast at The Brewhouse & Kitchen - Islington with a very yummy Asahi Japanese dry rice lager, a walk along the Regent's Canal, some Ben and Jerry's with The Famous Grouse, watched Side Effects - bit of a man crush on Channing Tatum I suspect.
  • Recent theme: market of one - only need one way out.
  • "Somebody wake up Hicks." -- Apone, I sometimes feel a bit like this.

  • "We define religion as the assumption that life has meaning. Religion, or lack of it, is shown not in some intellectual or verbal formulations but in one's total orientation to life. Religion is whatever the individual takes to be his ultimate concern. One's religious attitude is to be found at that point where he has a conviction that there are values in human existence worth living and dying for." -- Rollo May, something Jacques found, I suspect I'm only posting this because of my recent Cosmos watching.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.