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London / Angel
London / Angel
  • Week of 3-9 November.
  • Epic fail of a photo week, but I had a very fun Guy Fawkes.
  • Monday, Jacques made us breakfast, rainy day, walked to Old Street Station, bought 0.0919 BTC (20GBP) at the Bitcoin ATM... worked well, but takes a while for the transaction to show up in my Hive wallet app, audio book walk to the office, booked flights for Ernst's wedding, Jacques cooked supper, I set up Baiku Server (calendar), watched The Corporation on Netflix.
  • The daily London routine is pretty much: walk to work and take the train home. Get a bit of exercise while the sun is up.
  • "He who dies with the least toys wins. Because the more you know, the less you need." - Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia Founder.

  • Interesting read on the human longing for transcendence "a special kind of feeling or intuition - a sense of the oneness of all things in their divine principle".
  • Such epic photos from Burning Man.
  • Business idea: mass CO2 absorbing aquaponic broccoli farm that accepts bitcoin payments - basically and organic bitcoin farm.
  • Tuesday, I cooked a broccoli breakfast, we actually found a use for the demo day stand up banners at Jacques' house, audio book walk to the office, bargained myself a good deal on a new travel suitcase at the street market... 4 wheel hard shell thing - kinda needed a new one after driving over my other suitcase a while ago, tea in a "League Chairman" cup, listened to Mozart's Requiem, we decided on a housewarming theme - Party in the IT Department, my first authentic London winter evening outing - cold and wet (4G and TouchID seems to fail), nice dinner at Dishoom / Bombay Cafe in Shoreditch with Jacques, good recommendation... thanks Al and Paul - great food, loved the lamb and mint yoghurt, try the house chai - and then, like Forrest Gump in Nam - we went looking for two guys named Ben and Jerry, watched Non Stop... not bad, worked on the mix tape - loving my headphones.
  • Jacques has this theory that after 35yo your friends should just arrange a marriage for you. I figure, with a 4 year average marriage length, the trick is more for everybody to just move on quickly and get along.
  • "Kry mens machiavellianism weens 'n tekort aan oxytosin?" -- Jacques thinks I missed a shot of Oxytocin at birth.

  • Did I mention the grilled cheese sandwich from last week's wine bar outing?
  • "Every company goes through about two WFIO moments." -- THTAHT

  • Go Fund Yourself - South Park on startups and crowd funding.
  • Wednesday, Remember Remember The Fifth of November, Jacques made breakfast, really bummed to miss Mia's swimming gala, lunch with Johann and Kirstin in Soho - chats about AI, quantum computing, travel adventures with Johann to get to Crystal Palace Park for a fireworks show - Victoria station - long cab ride - we watched the fireworks with Victoria and Elliot, very cold train ride to West Croydon - borrowed Victoria's mittens (and ended up dropping my phone - no real damage).
  • "Never be scared to be radical." -- Johann

  • Turns out Johann is an Afrikaans speaking jew. That has to be pretty rare.
  • "Happy ideas are bulletproof day." -- ERnst

  • Remember the chocolate chilli steak at Madam Zingara?
  • I realised that I never really watched Futurama. How did this happen?
  • The fundamentally sad thing about software development and most of the knowledge economy work is that people simply don't get to move enough - get up and take a walk when you can.
  • Is Batman gay? -- something Jacques found.
  • Thursday, woke up in a hotel in West Croydon, tea, flight check-in (which I should have done the previous night), kinda got a bit lost travelling back to Haggerston - a few train changes because of delays on the Overground, quick packing session at Jacques' house, walked to Angel, quick supper with Jacques at Brewhouse & Kitchen - Islington, rush hour travelling with a big suitcase (joy), Heathrow Express - finished The Hard Thing About Hard Things on the way to the airport, flight to Cape Town, watched Guardians of the Galaxy... very entertaining, watched Bad Neighbours... had its moments.
  • Tune of the week: Silver Springs, Fleetwood Mac
  • I have another Best Man gig, 21 March.
  • Jacques: I suspect your bike might have been stolen from the bike rack in the warehouse. Not sure how far back your CCTV footage goes?
  • Friday, woke up somewhere over Namibia, watched Chef... pretty good, managed to get stopped at customs - turns out you can only bring in one bottle of gin... meh, Georg fetched me from the airport, great to be back in Cape Town, a swim at home, a quick nap, fetched Mia, back to Cape Town, swimming, braai with Georg and Nikki - I made some basil and Emmentaler braai broodjies.
  • Saturday, watched Cape Feare (Simpsons) again with Nikki, we walked to the OZCF market and had fresh juices an some liquid nitrogen made ice cream, more swimming at home, I made a salad, we found an original 1980something Lego Space Guy, a few drinks with Judy, Hugo, Georg an Nikki - who showed up with blue hair, organised Mia's room, nap, another nap, Uber ride, Jeanri-Tine's 30th birthday party at Dear Me in Longmarket street with Nikki, Georg played a great set of music back home, dancing in the lounge, a few people ended up in the swimming pool with their clothes on, great fun.
  • "Use a pen, Sideshow Bob!"

  • I love how Mia likes to watch a screensaver on the TV with a series of her old photos.
  • "You're so cool." -- from True Romance.

  • Mia seems to love watching Simpsons at the moment - sitting on the Aeron chair sipping tonic water.
  • Exactly two years since I got un-engaged this Sunday.
  • Sunday, no Groovy Troopers this year, afternoon of swimming and a birthday braai with Paul and friends, watched a bit of The Internship with Georg.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.