Quick Update

Ernst's bachelors hike / weekend...

Suicide Gorge
Suicide Gorge
  • Week of 17-23 November.
  • Monday, tea and photo processing while some plumbers and electricians came over, new record for likes on the photos we uploaded from the housewarming party, finally made some time to read the East London Swimmers book I got Mia - seems the pool is next to London Fields - great little book - I really like that area, blogging while Georg played some music, watched The Rum Diary again - maybe our real motivation is adventure - or the fear that the adventures might end.
  • "I know it's hard to tell, because I'm super subtle, but I'm kinda into you." - Georg's comment: "Subtle!?... you can see it from space!"

  • Tuesday, up at 6:00ish, car service day, gym (squats for Suicide Gorge) and a nice 1km swim (was fun once I forced myself to swim the first half), bumped into Jill and had a green juice, walked through Greenmarket Square and fetched some keys, fetched my car, we made a Thai green curry (in record time)... the rice came out fairly well, a bit of drama with a dinner guest cancelling last minute, watched Signal Hill burn, watched a bit of Zombieland, fun evening.
  • "Big spoon or little spoon?", "Fork!" -- Nikki, about eating ice cream.

  • "Rule #7: Travel light. Rule #32: Enjoy the little things." -- Zombieland

  • I need to find a gym / squash partner again.
  • Wednesday, curry for breakfast (and lunch) and more than one cup of vanilla tea (new theme), Pieter Hugo's parents came over, listened to Tori Amos for the first time in years, pipe track hike with Georg, T10 G&Ts with Al and Georg at Van Hunks, we finished the curry, Georg played his latest music.
  • Vredehoek is pretty windy. How windy? This house has two front doors - basically an airlock. I sometimes sleep with earplugs.
  • "Everything has already happened. The past, present and future already exists." -- Jacques, about Interstellar.

  • Thursday, gym, swim, fetched Mia from school, took her to art class, fresh juice at Fred & Max, took Mia to swimming squad practice - really happy with her progress... her butterfly is looking good and she seems to swim at a pace of the Grade 3s, fetched Francis, Spur outing - without chips... just veg, funny watching Mia trying to feed Francis some spinach, dropped off the girls, Naulene was pleasant, nice sunset drive back to Cape Town, phoned Ernst, Georg played a nice set of music, listened to Electrolite, made some notes for my speech at Ernst's wedding.
  • AfrikaBurn 2015 planning has begun - and it's going to be epic. Jacques and Georg also seem keen to join.
  • "We're in the pipe, five by five." -- ERnst / Aliens - about the weekend.

  • Friday, Paul dropped off my bike, quick Waterfront visit, (the vanilla) pizza at Bocca in Bree Street with Nikki, nap, conversations about spray plaster, dinner at San Julian with Nikki (mexican place)... company was good, food was a bit meh, fetched Ernst, Tim and John from the airport, last minute packing, struggled to get everybody in bed before 0:00.
  • "Submarine Captain" -- ERnst, about getting everybody to bed early on the Friday night.

  • Saturday, up at 6:00, my 9th Suicide Gorge hike with Ernst and co, Georg, Wouter, Michael and Storm (group of 12), great fun - no bumps or scratches, finished at 15:30 with a cold Windhoek, a springbok pie at Peregrine farm stall, three people fell asleep in the car on the way home, a swim at home, supper at Rick's - my wheels came off, babies don't sleep this well.
  • "Cape Town is Las Vegas" -- ERnst

  • Sunday, got up at 11:00ish, made lunch for Ernst and co, swim, Georg played some music until load shedding kicked in, walked to Carlyle's for beer with Nikki, pizza and a dom pedro, almost managed to watch a movie.
  • Awesome weekend, thanks Ernst. Great idea for a bachelor weekend (might copy parts of it one day). Sorry about crashing early on Saturday evening.
  • Tune of the week: Holiday in Spain, Counting Crows.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.