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100% Mia weekend, with some more Interstellar…

Market at Leeuwenhof
Market at Leeuwenhof
  • Week of 24-30 November.
  • Monday, awesome Cape Town weather, an omellette at the 12 Apostles Hotel with Nikki… probably one of the more expensive omellettes I’ve ever eaten – but the views make it worth it… can’t think of a better setting to process and publish the Suicide Gorge photos, swim, nap, swim, sunset walk around the neighbourhood, salad, watched Zombieland again.
  • “That place totally blows! …my mind.” — Tallahassee

  • Tuesday, Lady Grey tea, finished mix tape number two for Nikki, changed the photos on the TV (to include only the last two year’s 5D shots), packed away all the hiking/kloofing gear, swim, Mia was stung by a bee at swimming squad and ended up in hospital for a while… but she’s okay – not as bad as the last time (April 2012), a beer at Van Hunks with Al and Georg, watched Closer again… good movie.
  • Wednesday, rainy day, vanilla tea, bit of a surprising phone conversation with Nikki – but it ended well – turns out we’re dating, gym, 1k swim – kinda realised I’ve been feeling burnt out for a few weeks now, cold and windy Kings Blockhouse hike with Georg, Georg made a nice stew.
  • “Recycling and speed limits are bullshit,” Tyler said. “They’re like someone who quits smoking on his deathbed.” — Fight Club, actually this does not make much sense, but I like it.

  • “Ok, so jy het ‘n plan, (not adrenaline resistance action paralysis – the type that causes road kill?” — Jacques

  • “Squats are the key to living well in old age and low orbit.” — ERnst

  • Thursday, up at 6:00, managed to get a fair bit of admin done, gym, 1k swim, some aB planning, lunch at Wembley Sq, could not stop looking at this pregnant girl with yoga mat… wires crossed I guess, misty pipe track / Table Mountain hike with Georg, aquaponics book reading.
  • To Get Over Something, Write About It
  • 7 key things you need to know about an accelerator like Techstars
  • Friday, one of the more stressful meetings of the year in Stellenbosch, tea with Werner and Jan at Melissas, Albanian barber visit… who made me look like Tin Tin, but we fixed it, 1k swim, fetched Mia from school, we watched a Ghibli movie – Tales from the Earthsea and I cooked Mia some broccoli for supper.
  • Nice read: Tyler Durden Invented Burning Man… “devolve into our higher selves”. Maybe each theme camp of each regional burn is a Fight Club chapter? A network of dreamers and doers.
  • “What is the what if the what is in why?” — Moloko

  • Saturday, early organic/farmers market visit at Leeuwenhof… the Governor’s mansion with Georg and Mia, we had the usual olives and chocolate bread sticks at the market, a swim and a tan at home with some aquaponics reading, nap, swimming at gym (pre-year-end-gala), Mia managed to swim a 22sec freestyle and 29sec butterfly (25m), Mia’s 3rd Lions Head hike – 1st one she was doing the walking, Deer Park play area, pizza at Bella Italia (above Carlyle’s)… meh – don’t go there, in bed by 21:00.
  • Mia:3 Nikki:0
  • Sunday, tea, I made Mia a 4 course breakfast – while she watched Simpsons episodes, finally scrubbed the glue from the ER/ECG electrodes off Mia’s chest, swimming at gym, we watched Interstellar at the Waterfront (kinda smuggled her in for a 2h49min movie), her initial review: “complicated”, but I explained everything over a walk with some ice cream, quick xmas gift shopping for her teacher, a swim at home and some arts and crafts, broccoli/salad for supper, in bed by 20:10, Mia tried to keep me awake with Interstellar questions, but I’m pretty sure I was asleep before her – I remember she asked about how/why Cooper sent the NASA base GPS coordinates back from the future and I did not really have a good answer to that, bit of a weakness in the plot, cool that she spotted it, great weekend.

2nd photo for this week…

You're so cool.
You’re so cool.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.