Quick Update

Living well in low orbit…

  • Week of 1-7 December.
  • Monday, up at 6:00ish, school run, gym, swim, Babylonstoren salad from the garden for lunch and a walk around the garden with Nikki… very impressive, tea and cupcakes, a glass of wine with Jan and Maia at Brampton, Georg cooked a roast and Annaat came over.
  • Remember those Babylonstoren plums at Origin 2013?
  • Tuesday, very windy morning, lunch with Anton at Pulp in the Gardens Centre, fresh juice at Fred & Max – some tough decisions, Mia’s year end school awards ceremony, quick supper with Mia, Saigon with Anton, Georg, Cath, Joost, Alex and Michael – nice to see everybody again.
  • “We can hold hands for a full length underwater.” — Alt-J

  • Wednesday, Mia’s inter-house school relay gala… she swam freestyle, breast stroke and back stroke and the ladder relay (one child from each grade in a relay), I swam in the parents relay and our team won – Mia seemed very excited and proud, good fun, took Mia to art class, fresh juice at Fred & Max, pizza, cheese cake and a walk around the garden at Lourensford with Mia… we talked about prisms and rainbows and why the sky is blue, dropped Mia at her gran’s house, gym, a beer with Jonathan at Woodlands Eatery… nice to see him again, photo processing, watched Enough Said… not bad.
  • 3260 Vitality points short of maintaining Diamond status – need to come up with some quick hacks. Even dug up my heart rate monitor.
  • Loved that scene in Interstellar with the yachtsmen that can’t swim and the Earth evening noises.
  • Thursday, vanilla tea and grapefruit (non-imported), gym, tried to find old photos for my speech at Ernst’s wedding and got a bit carried away, Georg played some music, I cooked a Swiss Chard and Brussels Sprouts supper… needed the iron, watched The Change-Up again and had some Toblerone for dessert.
  • After browsing a lot of old photos, I’m pretty sure I only really grew up after 2006.
  • I’ve been eating a lot less eggs recently – and shopped eating almonds like they are popcorn.
  • Vodacom really does a bad job at connecting Vredehoek – Edge speeds, crappy call quality.
  • I’m pretty sure the less I tweet the more followers I get. I’ve pretty much stopped using Twitter for the last year, but I’m almost at 1000 followers.
  • We’ve pretty much removed the iPad from Mia’s life for the last few months (for reasons other than Skype). I found it under a desk this week. Trouble is – Mia does not seem that keen to play with Kano yet.
  • Friday, 1k swim, took some of our pool water to the pool shop and came back with a few fixes, watched The Lumineers at Kirstenbosch with Nikki, Simon and Lara – picnic and a few T10 G&Ts… not bad, but also not the most impressive live act, bumped into Sarah, stayed up till 2:00ish… just chatting.
  • Of the few times I’ve tried Uber in Cape Town, I can not say I’ve had a good experience. UberBlack is okay – UberX is really lame.
  • “You should just call yourself David Koresh and drop any pretences.” — Wouter, about aB planning.

  • Cape Town in the Summertime…
  • Saturday, great weather, chilled by the pool… which is now looking tip-top, Aiden, Chris and Tracy came to visit, G&Ts and limes from Franschhoek, braai, perfect day.
  • “‘Crayfish’ is the safe word.” — Georg, about Aiden’s tanning. Yes, he did get burnt.

  • Sunday, more great weather, aquaponics reading by the pool, lots of swimming, nap, (load shedding time) pizza at Carlyle’s with Nikki, watched a bit of Zoolander, another perfect day.
  • “I can understand now why you guys name your fish.” — From the Aquaponic Gardening book.

The Lumineers at Kirstenbosch
The Lumineers at Kirstenbosch

Kirk out.