Quick Update

ERnst and Lisa’s wedding weekend…

Pocket square
Pocket square
  • Week of 8-14 December.
  • Monday, a walk through the Company’s Gardens with Nikki, AfrikaBurn theme camp planning meeting at Royale Eatery… good fun, uncomfortable new seats (booths on the bottom floor).
  • Tuesday, GUST meeting, gym, swim, minor snag in our AfrikaBurn theme camp planning, worked on my best man speech, braai at home with Georg, Judy and Hugo… Georg made some interesting points about how the modern man looks after himself.
  • Wednesday, braai meat for breakfast, gym, 1k swim, nice chopped salad at Wellness Warehouse with a big spoon of chilli, drove to Cavendish Square at fetched a suit for Ernst’s wedding… did I mention I hate going to Cavendish – have not been there in about 4 years, Hackers and Makers Year End party at Miao in De Waterkant… best geek party ever, cool gizmos, I won a bottle of wine, nice catch up with Stefano and Niel, managed to get Mia’s Mindstorm Lego back.
  • Stating the obvious, but Telkom are so totally useless – I’ve filled in their ADSL ordering forms three times. Nothing ever happens.
  • Just for the record: I’ve bumped into a blog reader that was under the impression that I just go and hang around places like Ellerman House and Babylonstoren on my own. That seems a bit gay, does it not?
  • Thursday, 1st day of school holidays, fetched Mia, breakfast at Manuka… we talked about her school report – I’m happy with it, we watched The Penguins of Madagascar (2D), swimming at gym… mostly hints and tips for her freestyle and butterfly stroke, afternoon with Mia, Naulene, Francis and Marlyn at Manuka, back to Cape Town, steamed broccoli and hard steamed eggs (works very well), nap, worked on my best man speech.
  • “Kevin, bake-on. We’re still going to need that victory cake.” — Penguins of Madagascar

  • The negative parts from Mia’s school report:

    “Unfortunately she has yet to develop the skills needed to work collaboratively. She often refuses to implement other people’s ideas when working in a group situation. This was evident during some team-building activities and challenges with her peers on our recent class Camp.”

    “The one area of concern for me is your hesitation with engaging in class either in group work or individually. You have the ability to do so and I hope to see you believing in yourself more. Give it your best and be brave enough to make mistakes, Mia!”

    I think it’s just a misunderstanding. It’s not about being shy or being afraid to make mistakes. She simply does not like some of the kids in her class and their ideas. I can relate.

  • Friday, up at 6:00, had to wake Georg up twice, made it to the airport in time, Slow Lounge breakfast, finished writing my speech on the flight to Joburg, Gautrain ride to Rosebank, breakfast with Ernst and Gabriel, outdoor haircut and manli-cure at Terenzo with a glass or two of white wine… good fun, white shirt shopping at Thomas Pink in Hyde Park (I seem to have gone up a shirt size: 16.5/42cm) and some Bottega, bit of a drama finding pocket squares (see above), braai at Ernst’s new house in Park Town North, Georg braaied a perfect fillet steak, listened to fair bit of Depeche Mode, fun evening.
  • Saturday, breakfast with Georg, Evelien and Stella at Vovotelo in Parkhurst, pre-wedding dress-up and photo session at Morrells (wedding venue) in North Cliff, bumped into Lisca who was in primary school with me – same year, but we don’t remember each other, Ernst and Lisa’s wedding ceremony… really beautiful, wedding speeches and an awesome party, so good Georg managed to end up without a phone.
  • Sunday, lunch with Georg and Evelien… Evelien reminded me of the time Mia managed to climb on the roof of the stretch tent at Anton and Evelien’s wedding, photo processing, Ernst and Lisa gave us a lift to the airport (thanks!), published some photos from the Slow Lounge… Joe and Georg’s next day wedding photo service, epic nap on the flight to Cape Town, we lost a parking ticket.
  • Here is my best man speech:

    “Hi, I’m Joe.

    It’s an honour to be a best man today.

    I’ve known Ernst since we were about 13 years old and I’m very happy to celebrate this day with my friend.

    Ernst, congratulations on your good fortune in finding such a lovely bride.

    While thinking about what I could say today, I browsed through a lot of old photos and got a bit carried away. So many good memories.

    I’ve kinda known Ernst in three phases…

    First, High school in the 90s in Pretoria. I remember our weekend squash marathons, computer games, driving around on our 50cc motorbikes and watching the movie Aliens over and over. Yes, we were nerds, but what else were we going to do in Pretoria?

    One thing is for sure, he was always going to be a doctor.

    Then he went to Tuks and I went to Stellenbosch, but in 2003 we randomly bumped into each other again in Cape Town.

    2003-2005 were some of the best times. Newlands forest runs, Madam Zingara evenings. 2004 new-years was legendary – I remember driving all the way from Stilbay for that party.

    Then he moved to London, but we kept in touch. I think he moved back to South Africa in 2010 and met Lisa soon after.

    Since then, he’s been one of the more organised AfrikaBurners I know and a majestic Suicide Gorge rock pool jumper.

    I’m very grateful for our friendship and our many adventures together.

    Today, you are an inspiration to this bachelor.

    I wish these two a lifetime of happiness. Enjoy every moment.

    Please raise your glasses. To the beautiful couple!

    To Ernst and Lisa, congratulations!”

Have a fun week, crazy kids.