Quick Update

Oh, the places you’ll go…

  • Hmm. Could not really find a photo for this week – holiday mode I guess.
  • Week of 15-21 December. Week with Mia.
  • Monday, fetched Mia, dropped off the wedding suit, took Mia for a dental check-up.. tip-top, gave Georg a new equally heavy phone to configure out, nap, watched The Pirates again, bath time, broccoli and hard streamed egg whites for supper, watched Cars 2… not too bad.
  • Tuesday, public holiday, breakfast at Sidewalk cafe with Georg and Mia, Mindstorms Lego programming… we made the EV3 robot walk around the house and turn when getting near things, braai, watched Tin Tin again, processed and published more wedding photos, nap, watched The Hudsucker Proxy… very good.
  • Startup ponderings this week: Building a product business is hard and needs investment, often lots of investment. It’s foolish thinking you can bootstrap some businesses. Also, maybe I was not really ready to leave Cape Town.
  • Wednesday, made Mia breakfast and we played with her Star Wars cards, swimming coaching at gym… mostly breast stroke, we visited Haarlem and Hope in the Company’s Gardens, Mia played with her Lego train set, Hugo, Judy, Wouter and Paul came over for drinks, I made Mia some swiss chard and brussels sprouts for supper and we watched The Incredibles again… such a great movie – oddly, it seems she likes the brussels sprouts more than the swiss chard.
  • Mia is now 8.7yo, 142.5cm, 39.1kg, shoe size 5. Gained about 5kg and 5cm this year. Naulene is 177cm.
  • Thursday, filling up ice trays seems to be serious business at this time of year, we watched Deep Space Homer again… great episode, breakfast with Mia and Georg at The Red Sofa Cafe (on the Vredehoek / Derry St strip) – more Star Wars card games, Mia read Oh, The Places You’ll Go to me – and then I showed her the Burning Man video, introduced Mia to a Dvorak typing tutor app and got her to read the DVzine comic, swimming coaching at gym… mostly freestyle and butterfly, Georg braaied a nice fillet steak, swimming, more Dvorak typing, we watched Blades of Glory again… always good fun.
  • Mia’s best 25m freestyle time is still 22sec. Butterfly improved to 27sec.
  • After two 10min Dvorak typing sessions Mia could do about 10wpm (home row only). I guess it’s not that hard if you start from scratch, unlearning Qwerty is the problem. The fastest typist in the world types 212 wpm using Dvorak.
  • Friday, tea, vitamins and touch typing, some dry land swimming training with Mia’s rubber exercise band and swiss ball, Francis came to visit for the day, swimming, we watched Deep Space Homer again.
  • Saturday, Love & Light mission with Paul and Nikki – my 7th Love & Light I think – first time I met Malu I think, great fun as always, we had drinks at home with Hilah and Georg.
  • Sunday, swimming, braai, watched About Time again with Nikki and cried like girl.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.