Quick Update

Herding kittens…

  • Week of 23 February to 1 March.
  • SleekGeek week 2/10.
  • “Fight Club became the reason to cut your hair short or trim your fingernails.”

  • Monday, at the office by 7:00ish… after ironing a shirt, upgraded Mia’s laptop to OSX 10.10 and installed Prey, sunset promenade walk (feels a lot like Tel Aviv actually), watched 1/2 of The Dark Knight Rises again – good ending, watched Next… not bad.
  • Tuesday, good meeting in Newlands, had to get a car tyre swapped, drove to Franschhoek to see Nikki – back from her travels.
  • Wednesday, scrambled eggs with cream, interesting meeting at the airport – which ended up in a job offer (in Joburg) – which is not going to happen, visited Jonathan’s new office at The Old Castle Breweries, my first AfrikaBurn town hall meeting – listened to Larry Harvey talk (Burning Man founder)… very interesting.
  • “Belief is thought at rest.” — Larry

  • Immediacy: “Immediate experience is, in many ways, the most important value in our culture. We seek to overcome barriers that stand between us and a recognition of our inner selves, the reality of those around us, participation in society, and contact with a natural world exceeding human powers. No idea can substitute for this experience.”

  • Rule 1 of startups: no assholes, I was reminded of this again recently.
  • I was driving today and thought about that How the CIA made Google article. Really hope Elon Musk is not similar to Peter Thiel and others involved in things like Palantir. That would suck.
  • Thursday, tinkered with some gate handout copy for our theme camp – Atomic Love Factory by the Sunshine Deluxe Collective, Mia’s failed swimming gala, she forgot her swimming costume at home… I fetched it from Naulene’s house – last minute, then could not find Mia at school, drove to the gala hoping she found a lift, could not find her there, sense of humour failure, found her at school, had a long chat with her over an early supper at Lourensford – we talked about awareness and the impact our actions have on others, self reliance and talent vs. work – in short, if she does not clean up her act she’s not going to AfrikaBurn, hated my life for a few hours while avoiding packing up everything at home with tea and dark chocolate, Ernst phoned – attempted to have a conversation with bad signal and heavy wind blowing outside the house… Vredehoek fun.
  • Our theme camp gate handout copy reads:

    Atomic Love Factory

    Get hitched! Indulge in the fast-food experience star-crossed lovers have been waiting for. Celebrate your lurve at our Vegas-style wedding chapel.

    Introducing the Seven Day Marriage of Highly Effective AfrikaBurners. Change your husband/wife as often as you change your underwear. Why? Because you can. It’s all about experiencing the Polygamy of Instantly Gratifying Love in a non-judgmental space.

    Bring your friends and make it official with our speedy non-binding sunset wedding extravaganza.

    Various wedding packages available
    Get a polaroid to remember your special day/days
    Bookings/enquiries: @4ish / directly with Elvis

  • Yes, you can still join the theme camp, but time is running out.
  • Friday, up at 5:00, big packing and moving day, dumped a lot of stuff in storage, dropped off some stuff at Wouter’s house, Up Yours / Yours Truly with Paul, Marilize, Claus and Janey, watched Beast at Assembly (above photo)… very good show – love the opera sounds in between the rock music, House of Machines with Paul, Evol with Paul, Janey and Hilah… not the best place to go.
  • Saturday, woke up at Hilah’s house, finished moving (big *sigh*), Constantia Fresh at Buitenverwachting with Paul, Olivia, Joanna and Ross… good fun, Peddlers on the Bend with Michael and Nicole, found some more theme camp members, Paul decided not to go to the party on Sunday and then woke up at 6:00ish the next day wanting to go again.
  • “Sauvignon Blanc is the Iceberg lettuce of wine.” — Ross

  • Vader Sessions – brilliant. Thanks Michael. “The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball…”
  • “You must avenge my death Simba. Luke, I am your father. This is CNN.”

  • Sunday, woke up on Olivia’s couch, Masqued Ball in Coolbay (Kogelbaai) with Olivia, Michael and Nicole… good fun – but windy – not as good as 2013, a swim in Franschhoek, Nikki made great paleo burgers.

Have a fun week, crazy kids.